Weight loss!!

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Hi there guys!

Oks, So im now on holidays from work (YAY) which is cool, as i intend to kick my training into overdrive!
You have to make the time, its not easy, but if you really want to, you really need to, you can find the time.
I did a 8km hike this week with a 10kg weight vest on! I cant believe that i was able to, yet alone survive it and not pull up lame for 2-3 days afterwards, (as i used to do, before surgery)

So yes, weight loss, from the month of just working out and eating, my weight increased to 113.7kgs. yeah it was kinder scary to see the climb, but feeling as good as i am physically, i didnt really care to be honest.
This week jumped on the scales, after refocusing on the food side of things, BOOM 110kg flat.

3 kgs down in like 10 days, SO im pretty happy with that.

Things ive been doing food wise:

I have been doing the shake thing, but Im not trying to just shake shake it all the time.
Breakfasts will be (shake) or 1.5 cup of muesli, or one slice of toast with 1-2 pieces of fruit.

lunch i just shake it.

Dinners, simple plate set up. half plate of veg, quarter plate of carbs (rice or potato) then quarter plate of protein, steak, pork, etc.

Survived dry july pretty easily which was cool, n yeah, thats the basics on the food side of things atm.
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