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So here it goes, my first ever blog on any forum.....

SW : 72.3
CW : 70.8
Height : 161
Goal : 60

End of Week One :

Started off cautious after reading all the side effects people experience so asked doctor to prescribe me 15mg Panbesy for a month. He also gave me a vitamin D jab to speed up metabolism and some herbal tablets which are essentially fat burning pills.

Suffered from insomnia for first few days which was not pleasant, but aside from that at a raised HB no other noticeable side effects..

Pills plus a strict low carb diet (50mg) per day , no processed food and moderate physical exercise managed to lose 1.5 kilos in the first 7 days . Compared to other posts it’s not loads, but I’m super chuffed as this week was relatively easily, no cravings for silly snacks and aside from some insomnia , totally cool week.

So pleased that’s its working, only another 10kg to go. Which at this rate should be done by end of month 2.

Currently living overseas and going to be UK in July with kids to visit family. Would love to be at 60kg for that trip.

Roll on week two !!!!
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