Week 6

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This weeks loss is 0.8kg.

So this week I have broken both my dogs! Wednesday one of my dogs came home from our walk with a limp. The other dog pulled him to the side as he was walking straight and he yelped when it happened. So the next two days I only took one dog for a walk and he was limping on Friday too. So as of then I’ve been walking alone. It’s not as much fun without them. They have both recovered now but I think I should give them another week rest to be on the safe side. Funny how my dogs are supposed to be strong working dogs (border collies) and I thought they could out walk me.

So most days when I can, I’ve been walking just over 8k. I’ve also been adding stair climbing. How this works is I normally go up & down the stairs at home around 5-6 times getting my daughter ready for school in the morning. So after my daily walk I look at the health app on my phone it might say 6 flight climbed so I go up and down my staircase circling the top landing and the bottom entry hall. I do this 50 times. I stop when I think I’ve reached around 25-30 times to check my phone then continue to about 50 and check again, if need be I add some more. So with the ones in the morning my phone should say 56 flights climbed. Then when I get ready for work and do some quick house work I might go up and down anougher 5-6 times. Usually my phone says over 60 flights climbed, over 17,000 steps taken and have walked over 12k before I go to work. So at work I can’t carry my phone on me and personal are not allowed to use the lift it’s only to transport stock and equipment. So I figured I may do another 10-15 flights of stairs there and also when I get home and creep up to bed sometime after midnight. In all I’m thinking about 90-100 flights a day. Also at work is when I do my upper body workout. While processing I’m lifting 5-10kg at a time stretching up high and down low( trying to do squats instead of reaching down low). This is repetitive work at a fast past. 2nd part of work is cleaning, taking apart machines, scrubbing machines, washing parts, putting machines back together. Then finally the last part. I work in a sterile area so ceilings and walls have to be mopped as well as floors. So lm super active all day long.

I’ve been drinking 2.5-3L per day. This week I’ve been sticking to 1000 Calories a day as last week I tried 1200 and really struggling to loose the weight. So this week ive been really good, no eating anything I shouldn’t but I’ve struggled again. Up and down all week. I’m at a bit of a loss on what to do. Do I try going up? I really feel that would be eating too much.

I’m at a loss this week. Am I not doing something I should? How much really should I be eating? Also I’m wondering if it’s starting to wear off. I felt like it was a bit last week. This week I don’t even have a dry mouth anymore. I’ve been wrestling with food demons too. Telling me it’s ok to eat that kit Kat in the pantry or why not have a few potato chips out of that open bag. I’m winning so far but it’s getting worse every day now. I refuse to get rid of these things because i have a family who shouldn’t be punished because of me. We always have family, friends and strangers (potential adopters for our foster cats) at our house and l’d like to offer a few biscuits with a coffee. I need to learn how to say no. When I finish loosing weight and go it alone there will always be temptations and I have to learn some self control.

In conclusion I am thinking of taking a break on Friday and over the weekend to reset myself. I don’t know what’s going to happen with withdrawal or side affects. If I’m ok I might go the whole week without and start the other half of my journey after that. So I guess we’ll see what happens next week.
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