Week 5

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When I first looked into Duromine, and did the research on what others were feeling, I wasn't so sure I would reach the 5 week mark. The very few bad reviews and all the symptoms listed scared me a little, I must admit. But here I am!! 5 Weeks done and dusted!

Last week was hard. Like, really hard.

Not food hard. Not motivation hard. Just... hard hard.

Last week, work just seemed chaotic. My work load has been crazy for a couple months, but the last few weeks have just topped those now breezy seeming months before. There have also been a few concerns in my personal life and relationship outside of my control (which thankfully have now been smoothed over), and on top of it all, I am moving house!

Shame on you, mom and dad. I don't WANT to be an adult and move. YOU GAVE BIRTH TO ME! I DIDNT ASK FOR THIS?! WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY BILLS?? HOW DO YOU DO TAXES?!

Each week I do this, I realise how much of a drama queen I really am.

On top of this, I had insomnia! Why does the Universe want me to be double the miserable sow I already am?? This meant that I went to the gym a whopping 1 time! UGH!!!

9:10am came around again on Saturday, and I hopped in the car, and headed to my lovely doctor, who is probably sick of seeing me, and cursing me for taking time away from sick people. I'm sorry Doc, but I am sick. Sick of being lumpy cottage cheese, when all I want to be is a nice gouda!

We discuss my insomnia and read through my food diary. He judges me for my Lite n Easy burger (just let me live, man! The whole thing is only 312 calories!) but tells me to step on the scale.



I'm down another 2kg and a further cm down around my waist, even after a difficult week of frustration, aggravation, sadness, disappointment and stress! TELL VICTORIA SECRET I WILL WEAR THE FANTASY BRA NEXT YEAR! I AM A SEXY BEAST!

So right now, I am 8.3kg from my personal goal weight, and 13.3kg from my mothers goal weight for me

I hope that everyone else had a lovely week, that you are reaching your goals, and you are as proud of yourself as I am of you. Sometimes we need a little light and a little love, even when times are tough.

That, or cake.
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