Week 1 - Day 7: Weigh-in Day...

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Hi everyone!

Well, I’ve made it to the end of my first week! Woohoo! And I am pleased to report that I am still alive AND I am still motivated.

It’s been a rough week with moving and going back to work today. I hate how many things I have - definitely need to cull a lot and donate. I have wanted to curl up into a ball and forget about it all, however my motivation to get up and move my house actually came from my desire to lose weight. Such an odd turn of events!

So yesterday I had to take mostly a rest day, because I started feeling nauseous when I started moving around. I have been drinking HUGE amounts of water and eating right, so I could only put it down to exhaustion and maybe low iron from my period (my iron is always low, so it’s the usual suspect). Despite feeling crappy, I still stuck to eating well.

I set my alarm for 5am this morning to take D, but must have been so tired that I simply turned it off without having the tablet. I definitely felt it today - towards the end of the day I started getting ravenous with hunger pains and all! I am also really tired and feeling flat. I’m sure it’s a combination of no D AND moving house. I haven’t had dinner yet, but intend on having chicken and veg for dinner.

Anyway! I weighed myself this morning and am now 93kg - starting weight was 95.5kg, so it’s a solid 2.5 kg loss! I am pretty happy with that!

Time for me to shower, eat and relax before bed. Hope everyone has had an amazing day!! Xx
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