Week 1 - Day 6: Moving whilst Moving...

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Hello everyone!

It’s been a few days since I blogged last, and that’s mostly because I am in the midst of moving house. I am still shuttling my belongings from one townhouse to another, up and down stairs. The last few days I have managed to easily hit all of my Fitbit goals haha!

My body is very sore, plus my period finally arrived at the beginning of the move - impeccable timing, I must say! I have been taking my Duromine every morning at 5am, and have been managing >8hrs sleep the last few days.

I have also remained on track with my daily calories, though I haven’t been as good with the timing of food. Because I have been so busy and things have been chaotic with the move, I have managed to have breakfast but then nothing until dinner. On Friday night I was too tired to cook, so I ordered a grilled chicken quesadilla for dinner. I made sure to look up the specific restaurant menu and chose one that remained within my daily calorie limit. Last night, I had a small Teriyaki Chicken Noodle Box. Again, I looked up the noodle box menu ahead of time and planned my order to stay within my calorie limit. Of course, had I been able to have lunch those days, my diet wouldn’t have afforded me the luxury of take out. But it just goes to show that forward planning can really help avoid big blowouts, and allow you to still enjoy treats in moderation. That was an important lesson for me.

Exercise has been totally taken care of lately! Fitbit has registered over 30 flights of stairs a day. My body can certainly attest to that as well haha

Tomorrow is my end of week 1 weigh in, and I think it will be positive. I will check in tomorrow (hopefully) to let everyone know how it goes.

I am still really motivated and dedicated to this journey. Usually I start getting mentally weak after a week. I can’t speak for the next few weeks, but I am hoping I can pull myself out of any ruts in the future. The big test will be when I hit my first plateau.

I hope everyone is doing well and getting good results this week! Lots of love to you all xxxooo
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