Week 1 - Day 3: Not very productive

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Hi everyone!

Last night I didn’t end up taking the 1/2 tablet of OTC sleeping aid, but did manage to get 7hrs 3min sleep (according to Fitbit).


I still woke up at 5am to take D, but have found that I am not feeling a huge boost in energy. I think I am probably a little more awake? I don’t know lotl On the plus side, I am not as sleepy in the afternoon, haven’t got a dry mouth, and my headache seems to be subsiding (I have had it since Tuesday).

My food intake has been pretty good today, though I haven’t managed my morning and afternoon snacks. I don’t really feel like eating, but I do feel hunger pains if I go too long without food - weird I bought an easy dinner for tonight: Crunchy Asian Salad and BBQ chook.

I got the keys to my new house this morning, and had to take my dog to the vet (he just wasn’t himself. Apparently it is just a tummy bug... phew!). I have also been out and about running errands today, and haven’t managed to do any exercise yet. I have 2x flights of stairs in my new house, and 1x in my current house, and I managed to reach my stair ascent goals today on my Fitbit. My muscles have calmed down since yesterday, so I will attempt to do another Fitbit Coach workout this evening before dinner. The next few days will see me packing and moving house - so that will take care of my exercise (as much as I hate moving).

I have been relatively motivated despite my low energy today. The only thing I have felt bad about today so far is not having done my exercise yet.

OH! I almost forgot! I decided to give myself an END DATE GOAL of 1st July 2019 to reach my goal weight. It’s a pretty optimistic goal seeing as I need to lose 34.5 kg to be at my goal weight (so, an average of 1.4 kg per week). The strange thing is, my body fat percentage is 36.5% - Does that mean 36.5% of my current weight is body fat? I mean, 36.5% of 95.5 kg is 34.8 kg, so that makes a bit of sense, and would put me at about 60.7 kg. But wouldn’t that be a loss of ALL body fat, and don’t we still need a percentage of body fat? Also, my BMI says that 50-55kg is my ideal range - I know BMI is notoriously lower than it should be, but still! When I used to weight 68 kg, I was pretty happy, though I knew I could really lose around 5kg more. I dunno - food for thought I guess. I might do some reading on it.

I will check in again later and add to this post before bed tonight xx


I didn’t manage to get a workout in tonight as I was busy packing for the move (not my favourite pass time lol). Earlier today, I was wondering about body fat percentages, and what is considered to be a healthy percentage. Well... I WORKED IT OUT!!! so here goes!

1. First, at 95.5kg, I know that my body fat % is 42.7%. That tells me that 42.7% of my 95.5kg Weight equates to 40.8kg.​

2. Second, Given that 42.7% of Weight is body fat, that means that I would weigh 54.7kg with 0% body fat - but obviously, that’s not possible.​

3. After searching through multiple academic papers, It would seem that for me (35 year old Woman), a healthy range of 20-25% body fat is recommended.​

4. To work out what my ideal weight would be, given that I would weigh 54.7kg with 0% body fat and knowing what my healthy body fat range is, I can assume that my final weight would comprise 20-25% body fat, and 75-80% body (I’m just going to refer to everything that isn’t body fat as “body” ). So here is my calculation:
At 20% body fat:
y = 54.7/0.80
y = 68.38kg​

At 25% body fat:
y = 54.7/0.75
y = 72.93kg​

(*y represents my unknown goal weight.)

So, broadly, my ideal weight is a range from 68-73kg, which is a FAR CRY from the 50-55kg that most weight charts suggest for my height. And that’s totally fine, because... everyone is built differently. I generally build a lot of muscle than average, and my frame is larger than other women of my height. Also, this calculation will change as I build even more muscle.

This also means that I actually need to aim to lose around 26.6kg, instead of the 45.5-35.5kg I initially thought I needed to lose.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting to share. Xx
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