Week 1 - Day 1... again...

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Current Weight: 95.5 kg
First Goal: 90.0 kg
End Goal: 65.0 kg

Today is the first day of my second duromine journey. I blamed my last failure (2 years ago) on getting glandular fever, but I think that was only true in part - I don’t think I took the opportunity as seriously as I should have. Too many excuses. I need to take responsibility for my current condition and stop trying to convince myself otherwise.

I wouldn’t call this attempt a “New Years resolution”, as I have been preparing since before Christmas. I bought myself a new Fitbit Charge 3, a set of body composition scales and a new exercise mat. Yesterday I saw my doctor, and requested a new script for duromine and set my alarm for 5am today.

I woke at 5am, took my first tablet, then went back to sleep until it kicked in. I remembered how disrupted my sleep was last time I took duromine, so I wanted to take it early. Here is a breakdown of observations from my first day:

Today being the first day, my motivation has been high. I have made some goals for the week, and have tried to set myself up so I am well planned for days when my motivation isn’t so high (we’ll have to see how it works, because I know those days will come :p). Fingers crossed my mood stays this high for at least the next couple of days!

I have actually been quite surprised by how level I have felt today. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely felt more energised, but not in the crazy way I did last time. I was a little jittery as soon as the tablet started kicking in, but it passed in no time. I did do some early chores without feeling too bothered, which is always a positive.

I was pleased to see that Fitbit has provided quite a few more additions; one of which it the Fitbit Coach that provides a few basic training programs (for free) and a plethora of more interesting/varied programs (through monthly premium membership) that can be done at home without any equipment. I don’t plan on signing up for gym membership, so I opted to sign up for monthly premium membership, and did a 16min HIIT workout in the morning. It was harder than I expected, and I couldn’t manage the burpees through fear of vomiting, but I did finish it and burnt 131 kcal! I expect that with more practice I will be able to move on to more strenuous programs. I also took my dog to the unleashed park (“puppy park”) and chose to jog up my stairs at home rather than walk - basically trying to make better choices.

Food Intake:
I started Tony Ferguson today. One of my big problems is not eating enough calories most days, slowing my metabolism, then binge eating when I am finally proper starving. It’s not been intentional, but just because I don’t always feel hungry or I get too busy. I had my shakes today, an apple, glass of ginger beer, then some leftover mushrooms/potato bake/mango chicken with an Asian salad. In total, I took in 951 kcal (not ideal, a bit on the low side) but I did eat reasonably regularly and spread out across the day - small victories I guess!

I have had a LOT of water today, which is not unusual for me, but because I am logging it I realised that I am drinking around 2.5-3 L of water every day. I guess at least I have been getting that right! Haha

Side Effects:
Well, none really. I have had a mild headache which kicked in at around 3pm, but it wasn’t unmanageable, plus I am awaiting the dreaded period. I have had excellent energy levels up until 2:30pm, then I got sleepy. I didn’t nap (I had been enjoying daytime naps during my 2 weeks holiday from work) because I worried it would make sleep more difficult tonight. The sleepiness passed my around 3:30pm, so it wasn’t too bad. I haven’t had a dry mouth, but I do drink a lot of water anyway.

Final Thoughts:
I think it was a pretty successful first day. I am feeling pretty bloated at the moment. Could be upcoming period, but could also be food intolerance which I am also getting investigated through the allergy clinic - after they work out what keeps giving me hives. I am planning on getting up at 5am tomorrow morning again to take my tablet and walk my dog before the heat of the day kicks in. I also plan on doing another Fitbit workout, perhaps a longer one. The following is the full list of my body composition stats, mostly for my own records. I am hoping to keep my weigh-ins to Saturday mornings each week, but knowing me I will be tempted to check more frequently.

Starting Weight: 95.5 kg
Current Weight: 95.5 kg
First Goal: 90.0 kg
End Goal: 65.0 kg
Lost: 0.0 kg

BMI: 38.3
BMR: 1962 kcal
AMR: 2590 kcal
Body Fat %: 42.7 %
Hydration %: 39.3 %
Muscle %: 30.1 %
Bone %: 2.3 %
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