The Duromine Diaries : Day 7

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SW: 16st 9lb 2oz (106kg)
CW: 16st 7lb 2oz (104.8kg)
GW: 10st (63.5kg)
CL :

So...1lb lost since yesterday morning. A day where I ate more than previous days and where I was no more active than my first day back at work. A similar weight to Day 3 (16st 7lb 6oz).
Maybe I should only weigh myself once a week so I don't become too despondent about the days when I gain.

I have lost the equivalent of 907g tine of Lyle's Golden Syrup.

I painted a small bedroom with the roller (2 coats), not really exercise but it did allow for some kind of stretching movement that would not impact my back too much.
Other than that, just moving a few things around the house and garden.

I should say at this point, that even though my brain is sharp as a needle at 4.45am when the alarm goes body is not.
I can only describe it as instead of mind and body, it is most definitely mind, body and 'duromind'.
My body is working and being operated by my duromind, however my mind is sending all those familiar signals of "Hang on, I'm still waking up here" and a residual feeling of sluggishness.

I do wake up thirsty and that typical dehydration headache, where it's not thumping away but you are aware of a 'tightness'.
This has hung around all day today.

I've been physically active with using the roller and painting today, but toward the end of the afternoon was feeling quite nauseous this afternoon.

Felt sleepy about 10pm, the sleepless state seems to be coming to an end.

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