The Duromine Diaries : Day 5

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SW: 16st 9lb 2oz (106kg)
CW: 16st 9lb 2oz (106kg)
GW: 10st (63.5kg)

Well it's day 5 and I am officially back to square one. There didn't seem much point making note of my gain as I weigh exactly the same as I did when I started.

So what has gone wrong with this so called magic little diet pill I wonder?

More exercise...check...
I was back at work today after lying in bed for the best part of 3 weeks. So technically all that running around and being on my feet all day should have burned some calories.

Suppressed a
I ate even less than I did yesterday and weighed myself before dinner.

Regular bowel movements...check...
Three trips to the toilet with some serious diarrhoea.

Still no headaches, no sweats, no dry mouth and even the bad taste has gone.

Then I weighed myself about 3 hours AFTER dinner...16st 8lb.
What the hell is going on?
Turns out I have to lie in bed all day and eat in order to lose weight on this drug. It makes no sense.

I'm going to weigh myself first thing in the mornings from now on, after taking the tablet...lets see if that's a more reliable outcome.

It's 11.11pm and I'm tired but not sleepy, but will give it another 30 minutes before I attempt to sleep.
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