One month down!

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Happy Monday, fellow foodies turned food fighters!

What a tumultuous week it has been! Crazy at work, crazy at home, crazy sitting in the corner of my shower singing Koomba-yah my Lord.

Crazy doesn't mean stop. While the world is crazy, we still need to find time and patience to continue on our Duromine journey. Our calories still need to be counted, and our exercise. Sometimes it is very hard to continue on the right path, and sometimes we really want to stray to the 'Dark Side'. The 'Dark Side' generally involves cookies, cakes and deep fried goodness OH MY GOD I JUST WANT TO EAT IT ALL!!

Despite such a tiresome week, I was determined to make it work. This was my first week on the 40mg dose of Duromine, and I am pleased to report - No crazy side effects! I mean, I did get cold knees a lot. Is that a thing? You know how you get a cold sweat when you have a bad flu? Yea, well this feeling was only felt on my knees! I have been quite puzzled at this, but it has been refreshing in this horrible heat!

I have, however, come to the realisation that I go through a cycle. Like a light switch. Just a complicated light switch with needs and emotions. One night, I will have fantastic sleep, the next, I have little to no sleep, and so the cycle continues. I can't complain too much. At least I get a break in between each shitty night.

As per usual, Saturday rolls around, and I get ready for my weigh in. I search through my very empty wardrobe (thanks parents, for moving house and leaving me UNFABULOUS!!) for something very light. Is it legal to go outside in your undies? Will the people who reside in my area judge me?? Probably. Old prudes!

Doc calls me in at my scheduled time of 9:10am. I strut into the room, food and exercise diary tucked under my arm, ready to face the scales! Remember what I said before - Aim low - avoid disappointment! My cool demeanour, masking my fear of picking up an additional few hundred grams. But no - He will NOT smell the fear on me today. He only gets to smell the Dove underarm deodorant keeping the sweat at bay!

Doc takes a look at my diary. I can see he looks puzzled. Oh no... What have I done? Have I drawn something phallic? Are there smudges of chocolate on the pages?? No... He is looking at my exercise. I want to fall to the floor and beg for forgiveness! How dare I show my face in his rooms, after only spending 2 mornings in the gym this week! The insomnia has ruined me and my exercise routine. I may as well roll my tubby, wobbly body out of the room, like a gelatinous tumbleweed of sorrow!

I stepped on the scale...



I turn to the Doctor and give him an excited smile. Its written all over my face! I have gone down on the scale again, and it feels so good!

Then this man... This wonderful man... This intelligent, compassionate, beautiful man, says something which makes the smile grow.

"Without clothes, I would put you at roughly 77.5KG"

Doc.. Can you leave the room so I can test this theory?

I was elated! I had lost weight again! Even though the week was stressful, sleep eluded me, and exercise was not what I wanted, or needed it to be, the number on the scale went down.

So I treated myself to 2 Krispy Kremes yesterday. YOLO

In short, enjoy the small wins, work hard with the time and enjoy the energy you have!
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