Month 2 week 2 30mg Duromine

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This week was a bit of a struggle. I have to control my emotional eating. I ate a few biscuits one part there. I haven’t brought a new scales yet so no idea how much weight I have lost how ever I had a pair of pants I brought last year size 18 that I couldn’t even pull them up my legs. I still brought them because:
A: the label says PJ’s pants (basically calling my name)
And B: I wanted to try to slim down from size 22

Well today I was looking for something to wear and I thought to myself my jeans are feeling loose I wonder if I can fit into these size 18s. So I gave it a try and voila they actually made it past my butt. I thought they might not button up yet but yay they button up and are not tight.

So I am really happy with my progress this week. Side effects were a little bit of a dry mouth and trouble falling to sleep.
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