Just the Beginning

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I started yesterday on 15mg Duromine. In the past, I had so many beginnings. Here I am, 51 years old and 35 kg's overweight. I have tried everything and anything. You name it, I tried it. My doctor explained to me that I am insulin resistant, and that, in stead of burning of calories, my body turns everything into fat. And I am constantly craving carbs and sugar. Constantly. I am on 500 mg of Glucophage per day and got the "diet talk" from my doctor (of course). There is just one little problem. If you know the Clifton Strengths Test, you will know that it measures your 34 Strengths, after number 29 you start to really suck from nr's 30 - 34. So, guess what's mine? Yup. (no) Discipline, (hate) Competition, Consistency (boring), Achiever (that sucks, I want that one). I had to come up with a new plan just for me and focus on my own journey. Other people's success stories are theirs, not mine. So, here I am.

I am extremely excited about Duromine. Since I started with it yesterday, I have had NO CRAVINGS! My doctor is against Duromine, but I am old enough to decide what I want. She tried to scare me naming the side effects. Really? I take Glucophage, Twynsta, Indapimide and often Cortisone. I ain't scared of no side effects.:p Because of the 'no discipline' thing, I have decided to do my own version of intermittent fasting, as I am not hungry in the morning, and then just eat 'real food'. No bread and stuff. Sadly I could not wave good bye to sugar just yet...

But watch this space.

My motivation: My daughter's wedding (who wants to be a fat mother-of-the-bride?) Fortunately the date is not set yet... I have time.
Weight: 90kg
Length: 1,58 cm
Children: 3
Hobbies: you don't really want to know about those, hey?
I must mention, however, that I am married to a skinny husband for the past 28 years.:laughing:
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