Duromine - "Weak" 3

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Again, Saturday rolls by. I have my food and exercise diary tucked under my arm as I step into the doctors practice. Have you ever wondered why it's called a practice? Shouldn't they not need to "practice" medicine if they have the degree? Did you know tacocat spelled backwards is also tacocat??

I know... I am just rambling...

This week wasn't great. The meals were perfectly fine - Not a cheat meal in sight. The exercise was great! I mixed it up a bit from my usual 10km cycle and weights. I added a little extra cardio in the form of boxing and a couple high kicks, trying to relive my glory days as a fighter. I gymmed consistently Tuesday - Friday. But when I stepped on the scale, there was a change. AN INCREASE!! How?! Why? When?!?!

Yes... I gained a good 400g. I felt a little disappointed. How could I gain on Duromine, while my food, exercise and ingestion of tablets is all in order? I admitted to my doctor that I had begun feeling hungry again over the previous 2 or 3 days, but stuck to my meals. Never going above 1100 calories!

My body betrayed me! How dare I gain weight when I have worked so hard to lose it!!! I got over it. I accept I am a little bit of a drama queen. I chalked it up to the fact I may have gained some muscle mass, as I had been continuing to lift heavy, and was okay with this reasoning. What I was not okay with, was that my waist went from 75cm, to 76cm! Again, I know I am a drama queen...

My doctor upped the dosage to 40mg. Thank goodness Duromine is known to up your heart rate, because when I saw how much this was going to cost me ($155.00), my heart just about stopped! Today is day 2 on the 40mg, and I feel nothing. No headaches, no nausea, no agitation (apart from my necklace which is bugging the crap out of me!!). I did feel a little more sweaty, which proved to be a concern after I just applied a healthy layer of orange fake tan to my otherwise blinding beacon of white light of a body. Do I just rock the streaks of orange and tell people I am a little late to the Halloween celebrations?

I digress...

Last week didn't provide good results, but I have to remain grateful for the weight I have lost to date. I am under 80kg, which is a huge win. I have a better understanding of my food and exercise being on Duromine (not that things have changed since before I started!). I will continue to feel positive and push ahead. Only I can influence my own thoughts and feelings towards this small setback! Plus, I am back to 75cm around the waist as of this morning. Just sayin'!

I hope you all have had a positive week, and continue to push hard!
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