Duromine 30mg week 1 experience

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Hi All

So my 1st week back on Duromine 30mg has been challenging. The 1st 3 days I had no appetite however managed to have some small meals and drank 3L of water each day. I started experiencing headaches from the 4th day but they were all gone on the 6th day as I started to drink less water and just stayed on the 2L-2.5L mark. My appetite was slowly coming back too, which I found to be odd but think it's due to gym and my metabolism working faster now that I am working out.

I managed to go to gym throughout the week and watched what I ate. I must admit I was able to finally fit inside my size 12 pants which I last wore in April earlier this year. I am feeling so much lighter and have more energy, although when I weighed myself on Sunday I'm still 83.3kg even though I see my centimeters have dropped. I am not sure if I am gaining muscle hence my weight did not drop. If any one has any idea please do share.

I look forward to my 2nd weeks results and will keep you all posted.
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