Duromine 30mg Day 1 experience

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Hi all, my first day on duromine 30mg has been very exciting. I have been looking forward to starting this journey with you all and from everyone's posts I was very encouraged.

I had so much energy I even managed to clean and scrub the whole house which I would not have managed on any normal day. I was also active during the course of my day and I drank a lot of water, I managed to drink about 3L (really not sure if that's a good start). I had a few meals which to be quite honest were hard to even swallow as I had very little appetite.

I'm hoping to get to gym and have some healthy meals for the rest of the week. On a personal note, I started this journey so I could feel better about myself regardless of what people say about Duromine. I'm a 26yr old female and I have struggled with my weight and eating properly for the past 8years. I was previously on Duromine last year and I had lost a lot of weight and when I stopped taking the pills, I became too relaxed and even stopped exercising and I gradually gained the weight back.

I really hope I stick to my exercise plan and make better eating choices this time around, and mostly I keep off the weight and reach my goal. I'm happy I took this step and no matter the outcome I will be happy I took the 1st step.
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