Weight Watchers Diet

When you know that you have to lose weight and you have been on over a dozen of various diets, you feel like nothing ever works. Many dieters hit one more wall with every new diet and keep losing confidence.

Any Health authority will tell you that the most important things for a successful weight loss are healthy eating coupled with increased physical activity. At that, no one says you need to kill yourself at the gym or allow yourself having half a celery stalk as your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

All these suggestions for weight loss passed into oblivion long ago, and every person already knows that he needs to eat, if he wants to lose weight. Thus, if you keep eating less and less, and your weight remains the same or even goes up, you have to completely change your eating habits and lifestyle.

While it sounds too difficult, modern developments in all fields can help us cope even with this seemingly unapproachable task. Weight Watchers diet has a long history with countless dieters, who managed to lose weight and find their healthier selves.

What is the main idea of Weight Watchers diet

Weight Watchers diet, or, better said, plan, rests on the idea that certain foods are ranked with points, depending on their content of proteins, carbs, fats and fiber. Yet, this wasn’t always like that. While Weight Watchers diet has been around for around 5 decades, they started from calories counting and switched to the system with points in 2011, which was further developed into the current concept of 2015, named SmartPoints – Beyond the Scale.

Currently, the system is based on SmartPoints and FitPoints. Since every person has individual needs, goals and abilities, the weight loss plan is developed individually, and you are assigned a certain amount of points you can “eat”, and certain points you should “exercise”.

Weight Watchers – weight loss menu or complex approach

In addition to eating and exercising points, you can also choose online or personal meetings for weight loss group counselling, as well as individual coaching. Thus, Weight Watchers plan implies three-dimensional approach, which is the best combination for a successful weight loss:

  1. weight loss diet
  2. physical activity
  3. support

Concept of nutrition by Weight Watchers

As we already mentioned, Weight Watchers eating system doesn’t make you count the calories. Instead, you need to pay attention to fitting into the allowed amount of SmartPoints per day. Fruits and vegetables are mostly of 0 points, while junk food can literally eat your points at a single bite.

Even though the eating system allegedly allows consuming as many fruits as you wish, you still have to understand that fruits should be consumed in moderate amounts because of their high content of fructose. However, the most important is to cut the added sugar and stop consuming sugar-rich drinks.

So, this system makes you switch to healthier foods. Willy-nilly, you change your food preferences and start eating more plant foods and leaner proteins.

Do I need to cut off any food groups when on Weight Watchers?

No! The program doesn’t oblige you to cut off any food groups. You can have your favorite treats. However, the amount is limited which is quite logical. You don’t have to miss the flavor, just eat less.

For those, who prefer cooking based on recipes, Weight Watchers provide a comprehensive menu for each day, which you can alternate based on your preferences or use as a good base for culinary achievements. Not a single meal of those offered seems boring or bland.

Thanks to this fact, you will not feel like you are on a diet. However, eating cleaner is the habit that you will surely manage to develop. In addition, your grocery shopping routine might also seriously change and you will note your shopping cart looking extremely different from the way it used to look.

How long do I have to keep to Weight Watchers eating system?

Weight Watchers weight loss system is developed as a lifelong plan. Thus, it aims the development of healthy eating and exercising habits. Your main goal is to change your usual energy exchange behavior to a new one, when your body will get less calories from food than it spends on physical activity.

The amount of SmartPoints is adjusted every two weeks, as you keep losing weight. It means, you will be allocated lesser amount of “eating” points along with your weight reduction. At the same time, your FitPoints also change, as your body becomes stronger and acquires more endurance. Besides, earning FitPoints is quite simple, since even simple activity, like painting the house walls, does count.

Once you get to the desired weight, you will need to find that perfect amount of points you can consume daily without gaining the weight back. At this point, you will already get used to all the changes you introduced into your life and will find it easier to comply with the system.

Where do I get all the information I need?

Weight Watchers provide exhaustive information on the concept, as well as foods, recipes and physical activity on their website. Besides, you can sync the system with various apps (Apple Health, FitBit, etc.) perfectly well, which can help you keep up with the program in a very convenient way.

If you chose the OnlinePlus option, you can use your favorite device to maintain your flexibility and satisfy the need to travel. You will be provided with an online plan, online experts’ advice any time of day, as well as the access to an online community, which helps maintain confident and positive along the way.

Is the Weight Watchers membership expensive?

First of all, you should watch out for various promotions and offers on Weight Watchers, since these can help you save some money, which is always a pleasant thing. If you are a new member, you will have to pay $20 as the entry fee, and chose an option that suits you the most among:

  • OnlinePlus for $4.61 per week, which provides you with an access to day&night online support chat and to various digital tools that make your individual weight loss experience a lot easier and full of healthy meals ideas.
  • Meetings for $8.94 per week, which, in addition to all the features you get with OnlinePlus option, implies meetings in person with both people who are losing weight and those who already managed to lose weight and are guiding “newcomers” towards success.
  • 1-on-1 Coaching for $10.61 per week, which, in addition to all the features you get with OnlinePlus option, implies an eating/exercising plan that is develop individually for you, based on your normal schedule and preferences, as well as the support via phone, provided by the coach that you have chosen.


It is up to you to decide, whether Weight Watchers is an expensive weight loss concept or not. A research that compared the results of several Commercial weight loss diets confirmed that one lost kilogram on Weight Watchers costs the least of that on other weight loss programs, even though it didn’t show the fastest results.

Thus, Weight Watchers are designed as a sure, steady weight loss program, which provides a comprehensive approach and allows introducing changes into your lifestyle in a gradual manner. Hundreds of recipes and no restrictions on products allows keeping to the diet in the long run without caving ins and feeling a failure.

In addition to being a successful eating plan that can benefit your weight loss, Weight Watchers also provide an improvement in certain health conditions, like:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased cholesterol levels

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All you have to do is be mindful of what you eat and count the points. This diet helps you make more clever food choices and helps you stay away from junk, processed and fast foods. Good luck!

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