Will duromine realy help?

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    Hi every one I'm currently useing duromine 15mg for the past 3weaks I have seen results IV lost 9kg. I don't suffer to much side effects just my mouth very dry and I want to chew I have no problem eating or sleeping , my starting weight was 90kg and I'm only 1.55m short I would like to just be a health weight about 65kg, so IV been reading a lot of negative stuff like you put the weight back on and more when you stop and if you take it for more than 3months you can get addicted to it ! I've been trying to eat proper and do a bit of exercise Wich is more than I've done in the past. I'm just so worried that I'm going to be disappointed after I stop taking duromine it would be nice to here from people who have lost ther weight and it stayed off thanks for reading :)
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