Will be starting Duromine this week.

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    hey all, I'm Brooke, I'm from Australia. I need some help. I'm rapidly gaining weight and I just can't stop eating. I've been talking to my GP and she is wanting to put me on Duromine. About 15 years ago, i was on the 40mg dose and it gave me horrid side effects. Not sleeping, heart palpitations, dry mouth etc. I'm hoping to go on a low dose of 15mg. Anyone had good experiences on the low dose? I really need to lose weight. I need help.
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    Hello Brooke! It's nice to see you here!:)
    I think duromine 40mg is maximum you want to take only if the smaller one didn't help.
    The higher dose, the more side effects, naturally. But as for me, I was on duromine 15, then 30mg. I had my moments too...
    All in all thanks to balanced diet+workouts I achieved my goal. And side effects were minor at the second half of treatment.
    So, my suggestion you should try 15mg, besides your last experience was 15 years ago and things change.

    Consult a nutritionist and good luck honey!

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