What You Must Know Before Taking The D


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Mar 17, 2015
I read a lot of these comments and people are confused with duromine, so I want to tell you my experience,
day 1) woke up at 4am by 5am I was outside washing my car and chasing my dog, I work 3 jobs and im completely stuffed but taking a tablet I feel after 3 jobs I could do another 5.. energy levels through the roof and cant get tired especially being a sports coach where I ran 5kms a day and my other 2 jobs. after 2-3 days I get back to normal where im not talking on top of my voice and running around. that’s when the side effects kick in, my side effects are, cranky very cranky want to fight, never hit anyone in my lift but phone rings or lights turn red and I want to jump out and smash them.. got very dangerous so I had to stop even though weight was going down fast.
I strongly suggest DO NOT SHARE YOUR DUROMINE, I gave my friend some, he took 2 pills which is not allowed he had a few red bull and couldn’t find him for 24 hours, was passed out in his backyard, we would go out and he would start crying all the time for no reason. when I decided to stop taking duromine, probably the worst day of my life, I couldn’t even move my fingers let alone legs or arms.. I didn’t have any energy I guess my body had to change over and took some time and was the hardest thing to do… anyway take care don’t go crazy nothing wrong with being a little over weight better then ruining relationships and family and friends…good luck and take care
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Nov 21, 2013
Thank you for that Seagles. I totally agree with you. I also made the mistake once by giving a capsule to my daughter - she had PCOS so are really struggling with her weight. She totally spaced out and had hallucinations for 24 hours and after that slept for a whole day.

Duromine is a great aid in weight loss but unfortunately it does not work the same for everybody. I think people should see for themselves though, if you do not try it you would not know. Personally I have very few side effects, only a dry mouth which I think is a good thing!

And to those of you reading all the horror stories, try to keep an open mind and not work yourself up when you start taking it- the mind is a powerful thing and you can think and stress yourself into side effects!:eek:
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