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Dec 14, 2011
hi fellow travellers

i just started with duromine and try and change my eating habits, obviously i've been living very unhealthily - that is how i ballooned to 142kg.

i would really like to hear from you regarding good health choice meals.

what do you eat for dinner?

and breakfast?

and what do you take to work?

i realise i have a big gap concerning this and i am doing my best to educate myself. have been reading a bit on the internet. but it is always nice to hear from someone who is going through the same as you, and perhaps have a specific recipe to share that has worked for them.

i would be much obliged if you can get back to me and i am sure those who are viewing this would also benefit and be grateful.

come-on, share with us your favourite things to eat and/or recipes!




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Nov 24, 2011
Christchurch, New Zealand
Hey Jane,

I have completely changed my eating habits around. Did you know; all our meals are actually back-to-front ... as in, we get all our energy from our last meal, just for us to sit at home and go to bed.
So for that reason, I have started having bigger breakfasts and a lot less tea. I have a piece of wholegrain toast with sliced banana on top, either a yoghurt or milk drink and a piece of fruit (I like kiwifruit because the pills can get you a bit 'blocked up', and kiwifruit is great for that.) Having a bigger breakfast kickstarts your metabolism for the day, and even though you are eating more, your body burns it off faster. I actually read a study not so long ago that said people who go without, or have very little, breakfast are more likely to be overweight than those who eat breakfast.

Also, we are supposed to have 6 small meals, rather than 3 larger ones. This is so that our body has continuous energy throughout the day and do not need to store any ... Also it can mean you don't get hungry even though you are eating the same amount of calories. I don't do this because I think it's a hassle trying to find 6 meals to eat throughout the day ... but when I get hungry before my next meal I will snack on a piece of fruit.

Lunch really depends on the type of day, and what we have in the pantry ... Some lunches I have had recently:
*Scrambled eggs on toast
*Tuna, cheese and tomato on crackers
*Cup of soup
*Fruit salad
*Veggie stir-fry
I don't work (uni student) so I can't really help you there ... But when I was at my last job and school I used to just take tuppaware containers full of lunches. Most places have microwaves or jugs (for soup)

I don't really have much of a say with dinners because I live at home, and mum cooks. For dinner I normally try to fill my plate with more veggies, then meat and less carbs.

I think something you need to think is; 'can I maintain this diet after the pills?'. I hear a lot of people don't get hunger pains, so they are basically starving themselves. When you starve yourself, your body kinda goes into a state of survival and will store any food you eat. Then once you start eating normally again, the weight comes back on so so fast. So keep an eye on what your eating and make sure it's sufficient for you ... a little bit of hunger is okay, your stomach starts to shrink and therefore you don't need to eat as much, which is why it gets easier and easier to eat less.

So yeah ... I hope this helps =]

Best of luck,

My details:
Ashleigh Fechney
Age:: 18
height: 171cm
Start weight:: 87.5kg's
Current weight:: 83.2kg's
As of tomorrow I would have been on the pills for three weeks.


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Dec 13, 2011
Hi Jane

I know that meal planning is the hardest. I generally have cereal with skim milk in the morning, a fruit at around 10am, Lunch varies from a salad which I ensure has vegetables, carbs and protein. I know for some they always wonder what are you talking about. They say the best is to eat a lot of vegetables and the portion of the protein should be about the size of your palm and carbs will vary on you.
I generally have a salad with lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber, pepper and carrots and I add to it, steamed, roasted chicken, tuna, egg, roasted meat, chickpeas, beans and as a starch potatoes or sweetcorn or cous cous. At times I do cook a curry or have boiled vegetables with cous cous or basmati rice. I also make a pasta, however, not that often. No denying it can be time consuming but it is actually making me feel more alert.
I also have an afternoon snack at around 2pm either a fruit or yoghurt, when I get home, I need my cup of tea, so I have it with a small snack of ryvita with cottage cheese or baked beans on a slice of toast, provita. Only if I feel I want to.
Dinners more often than not is a curry for me, but recently I have been enjoying roasts and salads as well. I usually have a roast chicken with roasted baby potatoes or sweet potatoe and steamed vegetables.
I can go on and on, I did lose loads of weight following this and gained it back due to being depressed and wanting the weight to move off faster.
I think your body gets immuned to what you eat at times and you need to vary your diet to lose weight. I am on duromine now to help give me a kickstart and maintenance is up to me.

All the best. At least we are all in it together.


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Jan 22, 2012
Breakfast -
1x Metamucil
300-600ml water
Scrambled eggs (microwaved no butter/oil) w/salt and pepper or soy sauce
Fruit salad - homemade full bowl

Morning tea
Fruit (depending on breakfast)
Protein shake or bar

Salad or Green Vegies or an Avocado
Meat and salad wholegrain sandwhich
Grilled chicken

Arvo tea
Protein shake or bar (depending on morning tea)
Fruit or Carrots and Celery w/ dip of choice

Each day I have around 200 free cal's with which I generally have:
A chocolate (generally the chosen option - this isn't for everyone and it isn't a particularly healthy choice, however, as this is a lifestyle change I picked one thing out of the many I over indulged on to stay in my eating habits)
A fruit cup thingy
More cheese

I don't have dinner because I found I just did not have the self control not to pig out and I was going to bed full of calories and bloated

I now drink between 4 and 6 bottles of water a day and enjoy diet coke as I please.

The menu isnt particularly exciting but after awhile you find ways to make it joyous, also this is a very low cal diet incorporated with walking and curves circuit so may not be suitable to your needs.

I found the hardest part of deciding to make this lifestyle change was working out, as someone who weighed 118.5kgs, what eating normally meant.

To do this I worked out my BMR, how many cal's I'd need to drop to lose a kg a week, then discussed eating habits with my slim friends to find out what a normal sized day consists of.

Laura Bear

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Dec 27, 2011
Croydon, Victoria
Hi Jane!

This is what I have:

Egg white omelet (1 or 2 whites) on a slice of good bread - or
Avocado spread on a slice of good bread
With a Woman's Multivitamin and a coffee

Bag of steamed veg with some soy sauce
Bean salad with low-fat ricotta, tomato and basil
Couscous (I'm addicted to it)

Couscous with a chosen meat - just over 50grams of it - Meat such as:
Rabbit, deer, camel, wild boar, etc (I eat a lot of game meat due to less or "better" fat)
I add some seasoning.

When I make the couscous I make a bit of it and put it in portion sizes in the fridge.
I drink between 2 and 4 liters of water a day and limit my coffee to 2 a day.

On this, with added walking 5 times a week (averaging 3+ km a day) I have lost 15.4kg since 20/12/2011