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rocky girl

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Oct 24, 2011
Hi All
I have just taken my 5th tablet thismorning and after 4days i have lost 2kg,im pleased with the loss its not a week yet,friday the 21st i started that day i felt a bit of a tingle through my body but not for to long then very thirsty for the day which i still am but i coulnt tell you how many litres of water i drink a day,sat i was fine,sun fine,monday a real loss of appetite i forced myself to have a protein brekky 50g bacon one egg mushys and tomatoes, then a snack a few hrs after small can of tuna wow then i felt real sick i sat down under the fan for a bit i didnt vomit but i wanted to i came good 30mins later, later when the kids had tea i forced myself to have 3 ricecakes with cottage cheese then that was me for the day,I have not been in bed before 12am since i started when i do finally fall asleep its only for about 5 hrs but that doesnt worry me im always up having 4 kids anyway, I have walked 6klms everyday yest i did my walk twice thats 12klms and i still didnt fall asleep until 1.30am so they do definately give me more energy,today my mouth is a bit of a yukky tatse to it i must take my tablet with brekky my doc said so i had a protein shake today an expresso flavour instead of a cuppa tea i put 2 teaspoons of fibre in it which is also very filling but i think i may need some help to continue with being regular that is why i have added fibre, I hope i have helped someone with my post it helps me to do this knowing there are people doing the same i love reading all your experiences on duromine, well i must be of i have a walk to do and my hubby keeps asking what are you doing? enjoy your day xo p.s i started at 85.5kg im 161cm tall or you may say short lols.