Thoughts On Duromine?


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Nov 21, 2009
thesinger - I used duromine for 1 month, it was fantastic, I got a dry mouth, I was prescribed it for 3 months but only did 2 months because I was worried about becoming addicted to it. I lost 12kg, then my life turned upside down and I put it back on, I am doing it by myself now, my man and I are both making changes to our lifestyle. I think it is better to do it by yourself because the drugs can't be used for a long time.

I used Duromine about 15 years ago (showing my age here!)
I lost a hell of an amount of weight but suffered desperately on it. I would take the tablets early and then I was non stop speeding all day. I would even come home from a hard day at work and work out for 3 hours. I suffered severe mood swings and was desperately unhappy. I may have looked great but my happiness was so much more important.
By the way on a girls night out a few months later, my friends and I took 2 tablets each! We partied for 56 hours straight without having an achoholic drink and man at the end of that I was suffering severe hullucinations, just like you Rach. So that goes to show how strong they really are.


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May 22, 2011

Just a quick message for burgi about how extended release tablets work. All tablets when they enter the stomach dissolve and usually a very large proportion of the drug is damaged and destroyed (it can be 90% although it differs very widely for each type of drug). So, from laboratory testing they work out how much of the drug is destroyed by the stomach and adjust the amount of active ingredient in the tablets. When you take a double dose, the first tablet say, 90% of the drug will be destroyed by the stomach (normal) but because that alters the pH of the stomach the second tablet you swallowed NONE of it is destroyed by the stomach, so you injest 10% of one tablet and 100% of the other. That means that effectively you have given yourself 10 times the normal dose of duromine.

Be careful out there guys, taking two tablets of something does not mean that u only get twice the dose.

I agree with you that happiness is more important then looking good :)

Hope this helps,