Stupid Question


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Aug 17, 2012
I kow this going to sound like a dumb question., so please guys, no judging, I am just curious.

I have just started taking 15mg and I have had absolutely no changes, no extra energy, still so hungry and I am quite disappointed.

Have any of you tried taking a double dose of 15mg, ( to make it 30mg) and if so, did it make any difference??



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Aug 10, 2012
South Africa
Hello Kate_Jean24,

Although I have not tried doubling my meds as I am already on the 30mg I just want to let you know you are not alone with your lack of extra energy etc.

My sister had amazing results with Duromine and sometimes uses it just for pure extra energy. I on the other hand still felt hungry, had no extra energy and since taking the meds my weight loss came to a halt. I stopped taking them and by just following my eating plan continued to loss again. I think everyone's body reacts differently. I am starting to think I am wired differently ;)

So I am going to not take Duromine this week and next week take them again and compare my weight loss. So many people have had wonderful results so I think if your doctor prescribed this to you just hang in there. Maybe your body just needs to get used to the new meds.

Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey.