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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FatRach, Aug 10, 2013.

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    Hi All,
    I started Duromine 30mg two and a half weeks ago. I have only lost 2kgs to date. I am eating regularly and small meals/snacks, drinking lots of water and exercising. I am just finding it hard to move this weight. I see people losing bigger numbers, does anyone have any advice for me? Any questions just ask :) TIA x
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    Hello, Tia!
    Two kgs in two weeks - is normal for the beginning. Some people have greater numbers, some smaller, depends on each body and case individually. It is early to say that it works or not for you. My advice - to keep calm and believe in yourself! drinking water - good, small meals + snacks - correct, exercising - perfect. Just try to schedule your meals / snack at one and the same time. See, when your body gets food at particular time every day, it stores no excess calories, just takes what it needs for living. Plus water - it helps to excrete toxins and bad elements that come out from fat that is melted.

    If you don't mind, write us your menu please. At least for two days. Just to see maybe you need to change something in it. I'm not an expert though, I'm just trying to help ladies as I used to struggle with extra weight years ago, so some things were helpful for me and I'd like to share.
    Have a great day dear!
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