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    I filled a script for 15mg yesterday and was going to start them this morning but I chickened out. I am concerned with getting side effects. I am pretty sensitive to a lot of things, can't have caffeine as it triggers my vertigo. I don't have time to be unwell. What are peoples experience with day one on 15mg?
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    Hi. I waited til the weekend before i started so that my bf would be home incase i had bad effects; i was scared too. Besides my contraceptive pill, i am totally drug free, wont even drink coffee or take a pill for a headache, and anytime ive been forced to take antibiotics or anything, i always reacted badly.

    But surprisingly, these havent been that bad. My first month was 15mg. First day i was very thirsty, drank 4 litres of water, and was overly chatty but i think that was just abit of pseudo anxiety about the whole thing. So just keep drinking water, and remember to eat, because ur hunger kinda vanishes.

    I had no trouble getting to sleep, but had trouble staying asleep for the first week, but didnt feel sleepy in the day. After about 6 days, i started getting hot flashes if i didnt drink enough water.

    Other than that, all was fine. My second month was on 30mg and other than the same effects as the 15mg, i sometimes get dizzy if i get up quickly. Its all a matter of listening to ur body. And i believe, for myself anyway, drinking enough water is the key to not experiencing bad effects. I dont even feel like im taking anything.
    But everyone is different.

    My dr mainly advised me to listen to my body, drink as much as i feel i need to, and have an apple a day (it puts back some minerals that the duromine depletes from the body).

    Hope that helped alittle.
    Best of luck and health.
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