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Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by marleyppp, Dec 14, 2018.

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    Dec 10, 2018
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    Starting 15mg duromine tomorrow
    Hopefully it works okay I really wanted the 30mg but we’ll see
    Also doctor only gave me 1 months worth so I hope I can get the most out of it

    Start weight: 71.8kg
    Goal weight: 60kg

    What’s everyone’s results on the 15mg?? Please reassure me it works
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    May 10, 2015
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    hello marleyppp
    very nice to meet you and welcome to our wonderful forum!

    15ml is great sweety,
    make sure you have an exercise plan and drink plenty of water..
    are you changing your eating habits also?
    this is very important when starting your journey on duromine!

    remember that most doctors are not all that keen to hand out scripts,
    so work hard and show weight loss when you go back,
    you shouldn't have problems gaining another one x

    my last piece of advice is stay positive!
    duromine is a piece of magic,
    we are so fortunate to have it's power in the palm of our hands..
    it will take you where you want to go,
    all you have to do is lead the way x

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