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    When it comes to excess weight and obesity, we see the daunting numbers of statistics. Obesity is no longer a rare disease, but rather a common health issue for many people all over the world. Dynamic pace of life, fast-food, lack of movement, modified foods and simply world progress are all the causes of what we call 'obesity'.

    The worst thing is that not only adult people suffer from that (as it was ten years ago), but teenagers and minors as well. Increasing number of teens become overweight due to sedentary lifestyle (video games, Internet) and improper diet. Whereas adults do understand how serious obesity is, and which disorders it can provoke, teens are ignorant or don't care about their health.
    As you know, there have been lots of weight loss drugs on the market for years. Some have been discontinued the others have just appeared. Despite the fact that many drugs have been approved by the FDA, most of them have been banned for sale for one reason or another. Mostly these were the side effects both mild and severe that caused drugs discontinuation.

    The brand new weight-loss medication. Qsymia

    Scientists developed new medications for different diseases, obesity included. Thus recently they have made a new weight loss medication, which is already on market. This new weight loss pill consists of well-known Phentermine and Topiramate. It is a new combination in one drug, which has been tested and found very effective for weight loss. This weight loss medicine is called Qsymia.

    Because the latest FDA approved medicine for obesity was presented back in 1999, Qsymia is considered a new salvation for people, who fight against obesity. But first things first, so let's get straight to the main properties and descriptions of this new drug.

    What is Qsymia on the first place?
    it act like phentermine?

    According to physicians, Qsymia is the new anti-obesity medicine, consisting of two substances Phentermine and Topiramate. Qsymia was developed by Vivus Inc. in the USA, California. The drug is generally meant for people, who suffer from obesity (BMI over 30), but not for those, who just want to get rid of several excess pounds.

    This new combination of substances was chosen on purpose. Initially Topiramate was developed as an anti-seizure drug. Topiramate is known as effective anticonvulsant and anti-migraine drug, yet it prevents the absorption of fat in the body. Thus doctors found out the fact that Topiramate has a side effect, which is weight loss.

    Once they discovered this property of Topiramate, they decided to turn this 'side effect' into a benefit.

    Other active substance Phentermine is an appetite suppressant and works in the brain by inhibiting hunger signals. Weight loss drugs, based on Phentermine have been known for long time. However because of severe side effects almost all of these drugs were banned and discontinued.

    Being a combination of two substances that both act as weight loss agents, Qsymia is no similar to Phentermine neither to the rest drugs based on it. The results of clinical trials have shown that Qsymia helps to get rid of 10% of initial weight during the first year already. Herewith scientists recorded minor Qsymia side effects.

    What effects does Qsymia provide?

    The weight loss medicine Qsymia provides:

    • reduction of fat tissue in the body
    • appetite suppression;
    • decrease of insulin levels in the blood;
    • reduced risk of: diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia;
    • anorexigenic effect (helps to stick to a low-calorie diet)
    As you can see the revolutionary drug to fight obesity Qsymia possesses all the properties, optimal for safe and effective weight loss.

    Precautions and Side effects of Qsymia

    Although the FDA approved Qsymia as anti-obesity medicine, this weight-loss medicine does have some side effects, like any other drug.

    Thus one should be careful when using MAO inhibitors or any other anti-obesity drugs. There are some regular precautions to Qsymia weight loss drug. One should never take Qsymia extended-release capsules if you have: thyroid dysfunction; renal or (and) hepatic insufficiency; glaucoma; high blood pressure; any kind of heart failure (heart attack, CAD) and stroke.

    Some side effects of Qsymia were observed during clinical trials: dry mouth; constipation and tingling in the fingers and toes. Comparing to long-known weight-loss drugs, Qsymia capsules not only provides effective and significant weight loss, but also causes beneficial effects in the body.

    Thus people with diabetes get benefit from the use of Qsymia extended-release capsules, since Qsymia weight loss medicine improves the absorption of insulin in the body tissues.

    One severe Qsymia side effect was found as birth defects, therefore it is not recommended to use Qsymia in pregnancy. Before starting treatment with Qsymia drug, women should use birth-control methods and pregnancy tests, in order to avoid unwanted side effects.

    Dosage of Qsymia

    A brand new anti-obesity drug Qsymia is available in four dosages: 3.75mg, 7.5mg, 11.25mg and 15mg.

    Patient should take 1 Qsymia capsule with full glass of water in the morning, daily. The dosage range is large, so it is recommended to start with the minimal dose – Qsymia 3.75mg. It is recommended to take Qsymia 3.75mg minimal dose for 2 weeks before increasing the dose up to Qsymia 7.5mg. Note: only the doctor is allowed to change the dosage!

    Considering the weight loss results, doctor can prescribe you a larger dose of Qsymia, or leave the previous dose. Qsymia 15mg is a maximum daily dose, therefore if no weight loss effect is achieved in 12 weeks, one should stop taking Qsymia weight-loss capsules.

    Where to buy Qsymia capsules?

    Because Qsymia is a new weight loss medicine, approved by the FDA in 2012, it is not available at regular pharmacies. To buy Qsymia online, you must have the doctor's prescription. However, if you need to take Qsymia diet pills, you can find a perfect alternative to this medicine. Learnabout Phen375 pills, an alternative weight loss medicine, available online.

    If you have been suffering from excess weight (obesity) all your life and you have tried multiple diet pills but nothing worked, you should ask your nutritionist about Qsymia weight loss drug. But if you have no prescription for it, do not despair! You can contact the online pharmacist and ask how to order Phen375 online without prescription to help you to lose weight effectively.
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