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    We collected most frequently asked questions about Duromine from our users and did our best to answer them. You may find some information you wanted to know about weight loss with Duromine below.

    1. When does Duromine start working?
    It depends on the person. Generally, people start noticing the effect on the 1st 2nd or 3rd day. Sometimes it takes a week. Once you have taken a pill in the morning, the appetite suppressant effect should come later this day. However, in rare cases people notice no changes in the body while using Duromine. In this case, it is recommended to visit a doctor, to increase the dose or choose other weight loss drug/option.

    2. What amount of weight loss should I expect with Duromine?
    According to reviews and feedback from people using Duromine, it is possible to lose 1-3 kg per week. Again, it depends on many factors: BMI, physical activity, diet, other diseases, the body sensitivity to the drug, side effects, etc. NB! Usually you may lose a great amount of weight during the first week/month, and little amount during the next one. It is normal that your body is adjusting to the drug. Whatever the weight loss, don’t stop and keep your regular regimen and you will gain more and more every day. Remember: a loss is a loss, even if it is just 100 gr.

    3. Why is Duromine not working for me?
    Different people – different stories.

    First of all, if you use Duromine but feel no appetite suppression:
    You must not worry, if you feel no effect in the first 5 days; just give your body some time to get used to a new regimen. If you take Duromine pills for a week or so and you haven’t noticed appetite suppression yet, you may ask a doctor to increase the dose. Depending on your body type, the history of obesity and other factors, the doctor can choose the right dosage for you. For some people the minimal dose (15 mg) is enough to feel the lack of appetite, others need 30mg or 40mg. Still, it happens sometimes that none of these doses works. If this is the case, most likely you need other weight loss drug / solution.

    Secondly, if you use Duromine but still have no weight loss:
    If you feel the lack of appetite but the weight does not come off, it means the problem is not the pills but your diet plan or exercise routine. Sometimes people think they do everything right: avoiding junk food, taking small portions, drinking a lot of water, even walking for 30 min (or more) a day, but still they lose nothing. There are two answers for that: either you need to try harder (consume even smaller amount of calories, increase physical activity, sleep more, etc.), or you need to reconsider your daily menu.

    There are foods that can cause water and salt retention in the body, slow bowel movement and constipation. And even if your body burns the fat tissue, you see the same digits on the scales because of that. Try to make a menu that suits you best and that is healthy too.

    4. Can I combine Duromine with antidepressants, antibiotics and other drugs?
    Before combining any drug with Duromine, please ask your doctor whether it is safe or not.
    Any medication has drug interactions, so as Duromine. As you know, the active substance of Duromine is a stimulant (Phentermine) acting in the brain, namely suppressing the appetite and increasing your energy. Therefore, in order to avoid side effects (insomnia, palpitations); you should never take Duromine with other appetite suppressant drugs and stimulants.

    It depends on the anti-depressant you are using. There are mood stabilizers (MAOs) or flat-out mood lifters like SSRI, Tricyclic antidepressants, etc. Any medications to cure depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder such as Fluoxetine (e.g. Prozac, Erocap, Lovan, Zactin); Sertraline (e.g. Zoloft); Paroxetine (e.g. Aropax); Clomipramine (e.g. Anafranil, Placil) might cause different reactions when combined with Duromine.

    If you use mood stabilizers, Duromine will most likely weaken their effect because it is a stimulant, making mood unstable sometimes. However, depending on the dosage, both pills become less effective, yet some of their effects may last longer than usual. For example, your appetite will not be much suppressed, but it will be mildly suppressed for a very long time. In other words, both pills can still provide an effect, only much less than usual. Both drugs are stimulants, so the pressure on your heart is increased a little bit when you use these drugs together.

    If you are taking a traditional anti-depressant, then Duromine will further increase the "mood-lifting" effect, but you might find yourself feeling very down as Duromine wears off. This can cause very, very unstable moods, like first very happy and then very unhappy. In both cases, your heart is under more stress than usual and the risk of heart disease and heart attacks is increased.

    Antibiotics, painkillers, birth controls:
    There is no scientific evidence that Duromine may interact with antibiotics, birth controls and painkillers.

    Whatever medication you are going to use whilst on Duromine, it is better to consult a doctor and use minimal doses of both drugs to prevent any drug interactions.

    5. Can I drink alcohol while on Duromine?
    Alcohol and Duromine must never be combined. Overall, it is not recommended to combine ANY medication and alcohol. However, many people still do that and feel great as they say. Please keep in mind that all drugs even vitamins affect your liver to a greater or lesser extent. So be careful. Everybody needs some rest, thus if you have plans on weekend with your friends & family and you would like to drink ‘a glass of wine’ you can skip one or two doses of Duromine before that day. On the other hand, few people know that alcohol provokes hunger and you won’t even notice how you end up snacking on pizza, potato chips, or other junk food you were avoiding all that time. So it’s up to you to decide what is more important – to relax with a glass of wine or to keep your body weight under control all the time, especially during your weight loss journey.

    6. Why do I still feel hungry?
    If you start taking Duromine pills and you still feel hungry, then probably your body needs more time to get used to the drug. Another reason for that is the insufficient dose. Some people feel the appetite suppression with 15 mg dosage; others need a higher dose – 30 mg or even 40 mg. Do not rush, give it some time (up to a week) and most likely your appetite will decrease soon.

    Last but not least: your body needs more calories. Yes, you are losing weight, meaning you should stick to low-calorie diet, but some people literally eat nothing thinking it will help lose much more weight. Make sure your body still gets all the nutrients throughout the day, because on diet or not, it needs to get energy from somewhere. 1000-1200 calories is a minimum for a low-calorie diet. If you are afraid you may gain, then eat more fresh fruit and veggies as snacks.

    7. How can I break the plateau mode?
    Everybody hits a plateau eventually. If you have lost a lot of weight but still have some more to lose and you feel like your body doesn’t want to cooperate anymore, then you might try these steps:

    • Keep tracking your calories
    This is the right way to do with any weight loss diet. Besides, it saves you time and you actually see the true energy value of your daily meals. Let’s say you have been consuming 1200 calories (it is a minimum!) a day and the weight would come off pretty easily. So why aren’t you losing anymore, although you are still consuming the same amount of calories? The answer is one: you are not sticking with exact same weight loss routine and cheat one day or another, allowing yourself some “little rewards” in form of tasty but “bad” foods. Let’s face it. Human body has its limits, so if you know your healthy BMI and you still have a lot to lose to reach it, you need to create calorie deficit in every single meal, every single day until you are happy with the result. It may take much time to count all those calories in every meal, but you can use special electronic devices, or keep your food diary. A hard job yes, but how badly do you want to reach your goal?

    • Cheat your body
    If you have tried everything written above, but still no results, then the following might help. You might not lose more weight and hit the “plateau” because your body got used to the regimen (both diet and exercises routine). To change that, you can try some “cheat” move – start consuming more calories (not less as many people think) than you usually do (for example, jump from 1200 to 2000 calories) for two or three days. After that, return to your 1200 calories. Please do not make a mistake by cutting off the calories even more than you used to take during the therapy to avoid the starvation mode. By adding a little bit more calories to your regular meals, you will “calm down” your body so it is not starving. And then you can reduce the calories again. The same with exercises. Our bodies get used to regular exercises and loads we repeat. Try to change the distance, time and type of exercises.

    • Examine your body for hormone imbalance
    Some people know, others don’t that they have hormone imbalance. Hormones regulate literally everything in our body. So if you feel like nothing can move your weight from the plateau mode, visit a specialist and check your hormones. Or better do it before you start your weight loss journey.

    8. Can I use Duromine while pregnant / breastfeeding?
    It is definitely not advised. If you plan on falling pregnant it would be better to go off Duromine. Do not harm your precious new baby by taking Duromine while breastfeeding. Rather start on your course after the baby is weaned. There is no substitute for breastfeeding so try to continue it as long as possible. You are also likely to lose weight while breastfeeding.

    In the information leaflet you receive with your Duromine the following is stated:

    “Pregnancy and lactation”

    Studies in animals have shown evidence of an increased occurrence of fetal damage. Due to inadequate evidence of safety in human pregnancy, Duromine should not be used in pregnant women.

    There is no data available on the safety of Duromine in lactation and as such, its use in lactating women should be avoided.

    9. What kind of food (how many calories) should I eat?
    That depends on your current stats. Age, height, current weight, activity level and the amount of weight you want to lose. There are great apps available to calculate that like “MyFitnessPal”. Or you can use prety much any other online calorie calculator.

    To lose 0.05 kg per week you will need to shave 500 calories from your daily menu.

    Calories are simply a measure of energy.

    To lose weight you need to consume fewer calories than you use. Try to avoid empty calories like fruit juices – rather eat the fruit. And no sugary drinks and soda. Look at the labels of food and make sure there are no hidden calories in fat, carbs and preservatives.

    Protein is very important. It makes you feel full for longer so try to incorporate that in most meals.

    You will have to find a meal plan that suits your budget and lifestyle. It is better to eat frequent, small meals than two or three heavy meals per day. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight, so try to eat within one hour of waking up.

    For breakfast, Oatmeal is a great idea. It is low in GI and it will give you sustainable energy. Instead of sugar, add fruits or yogurt. Smoothies are also good for those who do not feel like eating too early in the morning.

    Invest in a non-stick pan and make a healthy omelet with peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and budget friendly.

    Snacks can include fruits, nuts, yogurt, gherkins, whole-wheat crackers or cottage cheese.

    If possible, try to eat your bigger meal in the afternoon rather than for supper. As the saying goes “Breakfast like a King, lunch like a peasant and supper like a poor man”.

    10. How many exercises should I do?
    That is totally up to you. Do not try to push yourself too early to do too much unless you have been leading an active lifestyle. The Duromine can give you an energy boost so you may want to get active.
    The best way to train your body without damaging it is to go to gym and workout with personal trainer. However, if you have no time / money for that, you can still workout at home alone or go out for a walk or jogging with your partner or friends. By the way, if you prefer home workouts, then you should find a company so it is much easier to motivate yourself to workout.

    Start with a simple 30 min walk 3 times a week. You do not even have to do it all at once; 15 min twice a day is also good. As you lose weight, your energy levels will increase and you will be able to do more.

    Be careful of overdoing exercise. If you have any side effects after exercising or an above normal accelerated heart rate take it down a notch.

    Make sure you start with warm-up of your muscles, do some stretching exercises, and after that go to your main workout. Do not underestimate strength exercises because your muscles need to stay toned and they actually burn large amount of calories when you work out. So, you can find a lot of different strength exercises sets on YouTube or elsewhere and try what’s best for you. Some people feel comfortable doing crunches, lifting small dumbbells, etc.

    The hardest thing is just to start. If you get used to daily workouts (at least 20 minutes of physical activity a day) you will see how much easier it gets day after day. Not to mention your fat tissue will melt away much faster than on diet alone.

    11. Can I take Duromine every second day?
    Certainly. After you have been using Duromine for a few weeks (!) you can safely skip a day here and there. Some people do not take Duromine over weekends.

    The Duromine builds up in your system so you will still feel the effects even if you skip a day.

    12. Can I get Duromine without prescription?
    Duromine is a prescription drug and needs to be prescribed by a registered medical practitioner. You will not be able to buy it from a pharmacy without a prescription.

    Your doctor will look at your general health and determine if you have any existing conditions, which could put your health at risk.

    Before you go to your doctor, get all your facts in order. Required BMI for use etc. Make sure you stress the fact that you realize it is not a quick fix but just need it to get you going.

    13. What is the difference between Duromine and other OTC diet pills?
    The active ingredient in Duromine is Phentermine. This is a prescription drug and does not appear in OTC diet pills. Most OTC diet pills contain natural ingredients and are classed as supplements. Some contain high doses of caffeine so make sure to carefully read the label before taking it. And do not combine any OTC pills with Duromine. Even though it may be a supplement, some contain very strong herbs that may counteract with Duromine.

    14. Will I put weight back on after I stop Duromine?
    Duromine is not a quick fix or something that should be used for a long time. The aim of using Duromine is to get into a healthy lifestyle. NOT a quick crash diet and fall back to old habits after using it. If you do not stick to your healthy lifestyle and eating plan, you will put the weight back on.

    There are some good supplements you can use after Duromine to help you maintain your weight but ultimately it is up to you not to fall back to old habits.

    15. Can I use meal replacement shakes instead of food?
    Some doctors / nutritionists / trainers recommend using these supplements to supply a great amount of nutrients, but little calories to your body. Although meal replacement shakes are high in macroelements your body needs, it is not recommended to consume them alone instead of actual food (despite the fact they are called “meal replacement”).

    The truth is that our bodies need to process and digest natural fibers, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Numerous studies have shown that we need both the liquid and solid food to eat. The chewing process is important because it “launches” the digestive process and prepares our stomach to process food. Not to mention the fact that you will have to eat “normal” food sooner or later and it may be very difficult for you to find a balance. It is better to find the middle ground and listen to your body.

    16. Can coffee and tea affect my weight loss?
    There is no proof of that.

    Some people notice sleep problems when using Duromine + coffee. That may be the case because both these products are stimulants. Everybody knows that caffeine stimulates the body to stay awake for a long time. Duromine does the same job in a way – it gives your body extra energy (some people report it does, others say it does not) and suppresses the appetite. Other than that, there is no scientific proof that coffee can weaken the effect of Duromine.

    17. What am I doing wrong? (I exercise/dieting/drink water)
    Everybody is different.

    But stories of success (significant weight loss) show that people should follow certain rules and regimen. Such as: low-calorie diet, exercises (any physical activity that makes you move more than you used to), regular weigh-ins and visits to your nutritionist or GP.

    The most important thing many people ignore is changing of their lifestyle. Many failures are caused by the fact that people return to their previous diet, eating whatever they want, after they achieved the desired weight loss results. But in reality, you have to change eating / thinking habits for the rest of your life. Not a big price to pay for healthy and slim body if you ask me.

    18. How often should I weigh myself?
    It is up to you really. But those who have used Duromine recommend weighing yourself once a week or more rarely. This way you will be able to see more progress, than if you would have weighed yourself every day. Some people do it once a month. But at the beginning, it is better to weigh yourself once a week to see if the pill is working.
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    good luck to anyone trying to lose weight here!
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    I agree with different resilts for different people. I started at 103kgs and 8 weeks later am 91 kgs this includes 1 week break due to flu. There are weeks its really slow. I read heaps of stuff what works for others might not work for other. It takes discipline mine i guess is cutting calories and exercise. Did walking for a week on my 5th week to regain resistance increasing everyday and decided to do UFC fit second week now!!! I still have about a week or so to finish my second script and hoping i can reach my 75 kgs target for the 3rd script!!! Remember its will power! Nothing comes easy you. Duromine is a great way to start doing what you should have been done long time ago! I am guilty of not taking care of myself! But we always get out chance to change!!!! Being healthy here is our main goal and fitting into clothes and looking great comes as a bonus!!!! Keep on going and stay lovely girls!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Thanks for all the above info it really helps knowing how duromine works and how our body processes it all. I havnt weighed myself since being on duromine, terrified of scales but feel im losing weight, today I had a bad day feeling as tho I wanted to regress back to old habits, bingeing everything in the fridge, I stopped in time and as it was late in afternoon I actually too another tablet. I dont think i shouldve and I wont do that again as I know that the side effects would not necessarily assist or help with my actions. I have taken my tablet early so I think I will take a bit later just so the active ingrediant may get a better chance of working at my low time. I will plan activity so I can get thru the crisis time.
    Sorry for long rant but thanks again for your great info and practical advise regards Gayle
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    I'm curious on others experience of Duromine whilst also taking Sertraline (Zoloft)..?
    Today is Day1 of 40mg Duro, I take 100mg Zoloft also, and I'm not feeling any appetite suppression.....
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