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    What do Duromine capsules or tablets do?

    Duromine helps you lose weight. Combined with a reduced calorie diet, it can help you reduce weight by decreasing your appetite.

    What is Phentermine ?

    Phentermine refers to the use in combination of fenfluramine and Duromine. Duromine has also been used in combination with dexfenfluramine ("dexfen-phen"). Fenfluramine ("fen") and Duromine ("phen") are prescription medications that have been approved by the FDA for many years as appetite suppressants for the short-term (a few weeks) management of obesity. Duromine was approved in 1959 and fenfluramine in 1973. Dexfenfluramine (Redux) was approved in 1996 for use as an appetite suppressant in the management of obesity.

    In 1992, Dr. Michael Weintraub of the University of Rochester and several colleagues published a study that showed fen-phen to be far more effective than dieting or exercise in reducing the weight of the chronically obese, and fen-phen was soon on the market. Unlike an earlier generation of speed-laden diet drugs, fen-phen seemed to be without immediate side effects. Along with Redux (or dexfenfluramine, a more refined compound that boasts fewer side effects and, like fen-phen affects seratonin levels), which was never tested for safety--became a national sensation (6.6 million prescriptions in 1996), in part owing to new medical arguments that certain forms of obesity were actually diseases.

    In the summer of 1997, the Food and Drug Administration found 24 cases of heart-valve deterioration in women who had taken fen-phen. Redux and the "fen" in fen-phen were recalled that September by its maker, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories.

    Can I order Duromine over the internet ?

    Yes you can order Duromine over the Internet.

    Where can I meet people taking Duromine on the Internet ?

    We have prepared forums where you can ask questions and share ideas with other people.

    What should my doctor know before I take Duromine?

    He/she needs to know if you have any of these conditions:

    * heart disease
    * high blood pressure
    * thyroid disease
    * an unusual or allergic reaction to Duromine, other medicines, foods, dyes, or preservatives
    * pregnant or trying to get pregnant
    * breast-feeding
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