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Am I using the pill wrong?

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Feb 5, 2015
Hey guys it's issy here and im new to this forum, but lately I have been on Duromine and I'm too scared to seek help for any enquiries that I have about it, so I was hoping Ya'll can help me out. So Iv been on Duromine for 7 days now and Iv lost about 3.5 kilos, which I'm really happy about but I have hardly any changes in my body. Is it maybe because I haven't eaten at all or excersized? I literally have no appetite for food at all and no motivation to excersize. I know im doing this the wrong way but I do feel the pill helping me, though is there anything I should be doing that will help me get the weight of faster?


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Feb 18, 2015
Hi issy,

So I know we are all taking duromine for the same reason - to reduce our appetitie ( I have a big one sometimes!) BUT you have to understand the importance of eating.. I too have a smaller appetite since starting only yesterday but I ensure I eat breakfast lunch and dinner (small meals) and morning tea and afternoon tea snack (carrot sticks, fruit, couple of corn crackers).

If you don't eat, I guarantee you that you will come off these pills (because we all know it isn't forever) and you will go back to eating and put the weight back on. You have to train your body, and learn to eat but in moderation.. Even if you aren't hungry, and you know you should eat, have some fruit or something at least.. handful of almonds.

Exercising is important too.. So make sure you atleast get 30 minutes a day. Goodluck! :)
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