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Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by jenvei, Jan 4, 2013.

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    Hi Guys,

    Thank you so much for all your posts, they have been really helpful so far :)

    I am 24 year old female - 162cm tall and weigh 95kg's.

    I have been battling with my weight for a few years now and just want a quick fix solution. I am getting married in September this year and my worse nightmare is to be a fat bride.

    So, I made the decision to go on Duromine. I was prescribed the 40mg dosage and have been taking it for 3 weeks now.

    Since taking medication, I have been experiencing the typical side effects but, they seem to now be waring off. One issue I am having, is that I am always angry and have constant mood swings. I don't know what to do to treat these?

    My main issue is that I am not loosing any weight. I don't feel any different to what I did when I first started the pill and have honestly been eating as healthy as I can. When I first stated taking the pill I would not feel hungry at all, but now, my stomach is rumbling and I cannot ignore the hunger pain. I am also drinking plenty of water, roughly 2.25 litres per day.

    Why am I not loosing any weight? I cannot completely starve myself!

    Please help
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    Hello jenvei! Welcome to our family and do not despair!
    First of all, weight loss is something individual and nobody can say how it goes in one or another person. You said doctor prescribed Duromine to you? My suggestion: maybe there's something wrong with the pills.. or the dosage is not suitable for you..
    I keep saying that exercises and diet are two main things that must go hand in hand with Duromine to burn any calories and weight you have. It doesn't mean though that you have to exhaust yourself in the gym, but to do some jogging or sport walking maybe...a little bit of Zumba or Pilates is good too. Or you can consult personal trainer and ask him to make you an exercise plan. Depends. But what I do know from my experience, is that NO diet pills can help, if you don't exercise!
    I know it's tough and I understand how badly you want to come to shape till your special day.
    If it helps I can advice you to plan your daily meals: i.e. to eat at one and the same time every day. Like if you take Duromine at 7.00 am, your breakfast can be at 8.00-9.00. Then lunch precisely at 11.00-12.00 and so on...the point is to stick to a concrete time daily. And no snacks between! (if cravings are painful: water with lemon or t/s of honey) I hope it helps! If not, you should better consult a nutritionist. But I believe everything's going to be fine and you'll soon have the first incredible results! Cheer up, sweetie! :) Waiting for your posts!
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