Newbie- Looking Into Duromine Seriously!


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Dec 13, 2014
Hey all so glad I found this forum! I'm a 25 (or 26? Meh close enough) mum of two - 4yo (in Jan) and a 20mo. Have been on a complete lifestyle overhaul in the last year, cut out a lot of crap, sugar, processed food and are slowly adapting to a very low grain and dairy diet - almost paleo but still having healthy options like butter and hard cheese/rice and wraps. I train quite hard - weights/HIIT/cardio 5/6 days a week and I lost about 10 or so kgs once I really cleaned up my diet but for the last 6-8 months I've not lost anything, a few kgs here and there but they come back so quick and without any form of bad eating so after so long of wearing myself down, a small fortune spent on a PT and totally feeling ashamed (I've never felt bad about it but once I stopped losing I blamed myself even though I wasnt rxactly doing anything wrong) and now getting mentally challenged about it I am going to go see a GP soon, (not my usual he's an ass and I think I have other issues with my health that he wouldn't address) and hopefully begin Duromine. I'm currently 89kg or so, I got down to 86 at one stage but I was restricting my calories so much it was unhealthy! I hope to continue with my training and healthy diet and finally see some results with a little extra help! Anyways I'm excited to make this decision and so good to see so many success stories, I only ever heard bad hearsay about it but I think it comes mostly from people who don't adopt a healthy lifestyle and go back to bad habits and I'm not overly concerned about the side affects, I'm mentally strong, except for the last few weeks but that's just my weight not shifting for so long finally getting to me and can seriously handle any of the crazy cleaning urges some experience - my house needs it lol! Anyway sorry for the long post but thought I'd check in and get into it so I feel committed and won't wimp out! Hoping a new GP is supportive but I'll go wherever to get me some so love to hear from others who are just starting and how you doing and any advice you have to prepare? Xx


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Oct 8, 2014
Hiya and welcome. Good to hear you have already changed your lifestyle to include regular exercise and portion control. Sounds like you've become a bit disheartened as your weight loss has plateaued. You're not alone. The key is consistency and perseverance. Duromine might not be a magic solution unless you are consuming more calories than you realise (eg. Hidden calories - alcohol, juice, sports drinks, soft drinks etc). Then your appetite will be suppressed, but drinking high calories will see the scales stay the same!
Also, from my experience, the people who post huge kg losses in the first few weeks have radically overhauled their diet and exercise to coincide with starting Duromine. You may find you lose only a kilo a week (or even nothing) if your body is directing energy to muscle mass. Ultimately muscle mass and improved metabolism gained through regular cardio and weight resistance training will serve your health better in the long run, but slowly decreasing body mass can be more depressing than quick (and short lived) weight loss. You have to keep your eyes on the end game and realise your lifestyle must change permanently, and just not for the length of a "diet". Good luck and keep exercising.
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