Nervous Anxious But Excited


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Dec 2, 2013
Hi everyone,
I started duromine 30mg on Friday 29/11/13, I filled my prescription in 5 weeks before earlier but decided not to start taking the medication as I was fearful that I may be causing myself more harm than good as I was also commenced on hypertensive medication. I went back to my GP and she asked how I was going with duromine, I explained my fears and she laughed and said that starting duromine would not effect my high BP. Following the visit I commenced duromine.

My starting weight is 103kg and I am 159cm tall, I am seriously depressed about my weight and have tried to loose the weight without any medication intervention but nothing worked.

3 days on duromine has been amazing...........I have not experience any side effects at all

I have absolutely no desire to eat but I force myself to eat small regular amounts, food doesn't taste very nice and its a real effort sitting there chewing and swallowing, but I'm doing it because I know that my body needs some fuel.

I haven't had any desire to exercise and am hoping that comes as I need to decrease my health risks and increase my health gains.

I still remain anxious over the side effects and possible implications duromine may have on my high blood pressure but thus far all seems well.

I am scared that my inability or lack of desire to eat will impact on my health, how do other people deal with it?

Good luck to everyone xx