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    Hey guys,

    I am Jes, I’m 19 years old and have been on Duromine for a little over 2 months (I have 3 more scripts left) and I have lost 16.6kg since the 6th of July.

    I am eating about 700-900 calories a day, I’m using EasyDietDiary to track my food intake. My usual food consists of
    Breakfast: Sometimes I will eat a piece of fruit - between 8am and 12pm but if I’m not hungry I will wait for lunch.
    Lunch: Optifast shake - between 2pm and 4pm
    Dinner: either salad (feta, olives, capsicum, half a cap of dressing, half an avocado, 2 slices of red onion with a can of tuna in spring water or chicken) or steamed vegetables (2 baby potatoes, 1 baby carrot, brussel sprouts, a corn cobette with some sauce)
    Snacks: Sometimes I don’t have snacks but if I do I will have baby carrots (4-6) with hummus, a can of tuna in spring water, macro lentil chips, pistachios or fruit.
    Water: I am really trying to drink as much as I can, I would say I drink about 1.5-2 litres a day.

    I go to the gym 5 days a week and I am there for 90+ minuets, I do 1 hour on the treadmill (quick walking pace), then 10-15 minuets on pin loaded weight machines, 10-15 minuets on the stationary bike (tred 10). I then do 20-30 minuets of ab, leg and butt workouts finishing with light stretching. I go to the gym about the same time every day, between 12pm and 3pm. I have also started attending fitness classes around my local area such as: ballet barre classes and yoga.

    My whole perception on food has changed, it’s no longer something I want or crave. I haven’t craved any particular foods in like 5 weeks. I’m a structured eater so I’ve set my meals and I stick to them.

    My start weight was 127kg, and am now at 111.2kg, I’m aware that’s a big loss but I am just not feeling as though I’ve lost enough for 2+ months. I am beginning to feel really upset as I see no difference in my body and my clothes don’t fit well anymore but I haven’t lost enough to be a new size. My friend is having a baby shower in 2 weeks and I have nothing to wear, I cried in a dressing room yesterday because nothing fit and none of my clothes fit and I have no bloody clue what I’m meant to wear.

    I feel as though I hate my body more now than I did before I started this.

    About 2 weeks ago I stopped losing weight and today I am down 1kg from then. I am not losing motivation, I like the way I feel now and want to persue a healthy life and loose more weight. But I’m struggling with losing it. I would ideally I would have liked to be 100kg by the 30th of September (2 weeks away).

    I am going to see an exercise physiologist to teach me exercises to aid the weight loss and a dietitian to help me plan meals. I have two dinner variations I know I will get sick of them soon. Although the next appointment for both is in mid October.

    I am really scared for when I don’t have duromine anymore. It a big anxiety for me that soon I won’t have it anymore and I know being dependent on something like this isn’t healthy but I’m just scared I’ve put all this effort in and will continue and that I don’t have duromine the loss will just stop. I’ve never lost this much weight before in my life and I’m scared I’m going to ‘the fat girl’ forever.

    Just wondering if you guys had some tips of promoting weight loss? Please help me

    Love jes xxx
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    Hi jess! Congrats on losing so much :) i think from my reading in here, your calorie intake is a little bit low because uve been exercising so your body might be thinking ure in starvation mode hence it holds on to the remaining fats and wont let go. Im not an expert but i think its pretty close? kate the admin has good explanation about this maybe you can leave her a message? :)

    I know its daunting to eat more cals, im having the exact same feeling bcse of my mindset - eating less means losing weight. But our body has this great system of not letting us to die from starvation just so soon as we cut calories so they prevent any weight loss from happening to save us. Ive made the mistake of eating very little calories too and after losing so much my weight is creeping back on despite exercising and now im back on duromine trying to do it right. Im trying to maintain eating 1100-1200 cals per day (no carb high protein high fat) Im on day 2.

    Check ur basic calories needed to lose weight here on this website calculator dot net/calorie-calculator . I cant paste link yet being a newbie :)

    Good luck with your weight loss journey and dont give up just yet! :)
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    Hi girls
    I agree with missclaire 100%. I really think you need to increase your calorie intake to between 1100-1200 per day. I know it might sound scary to eat more when you’re trying to lose weight, but if you don’t eat enough your body will definitely go into starvation mode and your weight will plateau.
    A good idea is to alternate the amount of calories you eat each day. For eg: one day eat 1200 cals, the next day eat 1000, next day 1200 ... and so on. It kind of tricks your body.
    Please, please, please don’t be despondent about losing a whopping 16kg in 2 months. I only dream of having the same results as you.
    Go girls!!
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    Thanks for agreeing :) Im glad thinking im gonna do it right this time, the alternate method seems good i think i might do just that. Because i still have the fear of eating so much :( so today ill eat 1200 and tomorrow ill go down to 1000 while still having no carb.

    Ive stopped running as well just to focus on dieting alone. Once i hit plateau ill hit the gym again and ill give my all out because we cant be using all ‘tools’ in one go our body will adapt and it will be harder to shed even a kilo,isnt it?
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