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    hi, i'm Kunzang from South Africa and I have started 30mg today. i have a prescription for 3 months. I am 162 cm tall and weigh 66 kg o_O so just passed my healthy bmi margin. i also have a wedding in 80 days time so i am trying to lose about 11kg:( I would ideally like to be about 55kg. I gym regularly, play soccer and cricket but i have terrible eating habits. i skip meals, eat junk and have no set times, because of my busy home work mis-balance. I am trying to kick-start a bit of weight loss and then maintain it at whatever i do manage to achieve. :p

    i'm glad to be here and to share in everyone's experiences :) :laughing:wish me luck!:cool:
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    Good luck, Kunzang! Wedding is a very important event in every woman's life, so I understand how purposeful you are now. Good! Then you can do it!:laughing:
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