My Personal Experience On Duromine


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Oct 13, 2011
Hi, I have just recently started taking duromine after I had enough of feeling down about myself and my appearance. I've tried heaps of diets like Tony ferguson, weight watchers etc but as it took awhile to see results it didn't encourage me enough to continue.

I heard about duromine from a few friends that have seen fantastic results and I was nervous at the start about all the side affects people say you can get, but thought I'm a mother, I can handle anything :)

I will start first with my stats......

Age: 22
CW:126it's ( I know it's terrible)
Height: 167cm
GW: 80kg

I have a long road ahead of me but I am more determined than ever. I want to be happy about myself and enjoy my 20month old daughter and husband.

DAY 1:

I woke at 6am to take my duromine early (I'm on 30mg) as people have told me if I take it early I shouldn't be awake too late. Went back to bed for a couple more hours til my daughter woke. I felt I had more energy than normal and I sweated ALOT, which I guess helps with weight loss, and had a dry mouth. I had a small brekky, fruit for lunch and noodles for dinner. I did have to remind myself to eat as I didn't feel hungry. Drank litres n litres of water. Went for a 30minute walk with my hubby and daughter. That night I felt tired n ready for bed at 9pm which is normal for me. I tossed and turned nearly all nite.

DAY 2:

Woke at 5 as I started work at 6.15. Took my duromine and same thing at day 1, had dry mouth, energy, and sweating (although it's been ridiculously hot). Had 1 piece of toast for brekky, grilled fish n salad for lunch and noodles for dinner. I may not be eating what I should but that's what I want to do. It rained that arvy and night, but didn't feel guilty about not going for a walk as I am on my feet all day at work. Went to bed at 930 and slept fine that night. I keep reading bout how people weigh themselves everyday but thank gosh I don't have scales in my house. I am goin to wait until I see the doctor on day 7.


Woke at 5 to get ready for work and nearly exactly same day as yesterday. Had 1 toast for lunch, grapes for brekky and a healthy choice meal for dinner. Drank lots of water, had a lot of energy, but started to die down at about 3pm. Dry mouth and sweating again, (more than normal). Went to bed at 10pm by choice. Slept soundly.

DAY 4:

Woke at 730, as I have no work today, and took my duromine. I was a little hesitant because it was later in the morning that I usually take it, but thought it would be fine. Had toast for brekky, grapes n strawberries for lunch and a healthy choice meal for dinner, drank lots of water. I didn't have as much energy today as I have felt in the last couple days, still had dry mouth and excessive sweating. Started feeling down after lunch, but started feeling good again at about 4-5pm. Went for a walk to the shops this arvy bout 1.5kms. It is now 11.30pm and I am wrecked so I guess by having my duromine that little bit later, I'm awake later.

I know that it's only been 4 days but I'm hoping that something has happened, because the encouragement and results is what will help me keep going. I know that duromine is just a kickstart and that is what I will be using it for. I am already learning about eating healthy and exercise and it makes me feel better.

I will hopefully put up a post everyday and record my weigh ins.


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Oct 6, 2011
Cannot wait to hear more from you!!!!
I was on Tony Ferguson at the beginning of the year but had to get off due to medical reasons.
Im getting a few recipes from their site actually so I know what Im eating is still healthy!!! I might also buy a few shakes to have for lunch as i never feel like eating lunch just having a drink.


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Jan 20, 2012
Hi :)

I am on day 4 of my duromine experience. so far i have had a few side effects but so far i think i am psyching myself out from reading up on it so much. my partner was on it for 2 months last year and he lost around 25kg (although coming off he has put it all back on and more) so when the doctor prescribed it i knew that it wold work, the only hesitation was that i had a few friends that had been on it and their moods has turned erratic. After weighing the option i decided to give it a go and i have changed my lifestyle as well. i was a cronic soft drink drinker and i snacked a lot, none of it was good for me. As strange as it was the first 2 days i had no side effects, last night (day 3) i had extreamly bad headaches but after a few painkillers it eventually went away. today how ever i have had really bad dry mouth. it doesnt matter what i drink it will not go away but i have been told that after a few days it will go away.
My boyfriend says that he can see small differences so far, but i dont think there is anything just yet

my age is 20yrs old
Height: 1.59cm
weight: 85kg
BMI: 33.6 (Obese)