My First Week :)


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Oct 26, 2012
Hi there!
So after two months of doctors, dietitian's and loosing motivation my GP has finally prescribed me with Duromine!
I eat super well and couldnt work out why i keep on putting on weight, its since starting these pills that have realised how much i eat though! sneaky snacking, meals that are enough for two people in one serve, etc.

The other reason its been hard to loose weight is that i have Pcos and i take medication for mental health stuff which has seem me put on 30kgs in the last year.

Im only on 15mg but so far it seems to be enough.

I'm on day three and feeling great. Im so full of energy, my house has never been cleaner and i have blisters on my feet from walking so much! yesterday i walked for 6 hours. crazy i know but i was in Brunswick so i was half window shopping.

So my start weight is 97.5kg, my goal weight is 75kg and my height is 175cm.
So far after two days ive lost 1.3kgs. I really have to stop weighing myself twice a day. Im getting obsessed!

Im determined to use my time on D to re learn portion size, learn to love exercise and see results which will inspire me to keep going. I really didnt have a problem with putting on the weight, im tall and have a bigger frame so i hide the weigh easily. Well i thought i didnt, but ive gone from being a total extrovert to being a hermit with social phobia so it must affect me somehow.

My goal is to compete in Miss Pinup Aus in October next year. I am determined to do this, its not about winning for me, its about having the confidence to try!

Good luck everyone!