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Mar 15, 2015
Hi all,
Been reading here for a while.

41 years
mother of 5

need to lose a lot.
Duromine 30mg is a start.

took my first tablet Saturday morning at 6am.
I didn't really notice too much change.
I think in the first hour I was aware of a dry mouth and a little bit of a strange taste.
No headache.
Sleeping I'm not sure about if it really changed. I don't sleep a lot normally and last night I was not in my own bed so who knows really.

I wasn't even sure if it suppressed my appetite, but looking back I think it did. I ate less. Still felt hungry but did eat less. It wasn't a good day food wise though as it was my daughters birthday and junk food abounded. But life happens. i will work on that for the future.

Second tablet this morning.
A little bit of a dry mouth, more energy, I actually had energy to exercise, I went for a walk and then later did a 30minute work out.

Appetite is suppressed but still do feel a little hunger.

This morning I started properly. I am using high protein shakes initially as I had them in the cupboard. I plan to move to a high protein low carb diet. So protein and lots of salad vegetables.
This was advised by my doctor and my pharmacist.
I don't eat or drink a lot junk normally, I just eat a lot.

So let's see how we go.


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Nov 21, 2009
Good luck Shanitlly

You will have a great success I am sure! ;)
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Mar 15, 2015
Well this is my third day on 30mg. I am not having any side effects but I'm also still feeling hunger pains. I haven't had headaches or sleeplessness, nor have I had heaps of energy.

I will persist for the month as I have spent the money, but I think I may have to go up to 40mg. Will need to chat to the doctor and see how the weight loss goes.
I am exercising and trying to eat moderately but the pangs...