Liproxenol vs Phen375


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Nov 26, 2014
Hi everyone! I had been hoping to order genuine duromine online from South Africa, but have just heard back from the supplier and they have a 50% chance of getting it into New Zealand, so the risk is high. I am now looking into other alternatives. I have tried phen375 before and had some success, with a loss of around 200-700 grams a week. No where near the results I have on duromine but still its something. I have heard some people raving about a product called Liproxenol and am wondering if anyone on here has tried it, and if it would be safe to take Phen375 and Liproxenol at the same time? I know that the reason Duromine works so well is because it is a thermogenic, and am wondering if I went back to using Phen375 coupled with a thermogenic like Hydroxycut or Ripped Freak (+exercise) if I would have similar results. Throughts/Ideas/Experiences welcome :)


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Nov 21, 2009
Hi Kenna
It is not quite right. Duromine is an appetite suppressant, not thermogenic. As for Phen375 - it is a thermogenic and appetite suppressant at the same time, since it contains several active ingredients that help both lose fat and supress hunger. So, I would not suggest you taking two weight loss drugs (any of them) together. You don't know what side effects it may cause.
P.S. I have never heard of Liproxenol btw.