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Discussion in 'Duromine Questions and Answers' started by Irms, Nov 20, 2013.

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    Nov 12, 2013
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    Hi Guys,

    I have been on Duromine for 20 days, finishing my last pill this morning. In total I am 500g away from my 10kg mark, which is very exciting for me as I haven't weighed this much in three years.
    I will not be taking Duromine for the next month and only going back on in January 2014, and am a bit scared as I do not want to pick up the weight I lost. I am thinking of sticking to a weighless diet plan for the next month, any advice on what else I must watch out for?
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    Hi, Irms!
    Watch out for everything that you used to love before you lost all those kgs! Now you have a different lifestyle, so stick to it and everything will be fine.
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