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    Hey everyone. This is not my first time on duromine.*

    When I was sixteen I moved out of home due to complications. Whilst leaving at home I was constantly night after night eating large take away meals but kept a steady weight of 74kgs. When living out of home I was cooked home cooked meals every night. But my weight bloomed to 84kgs. By the time it came to looking for dresses for my formal I was 90kgs. Worried about my weight I went to a pharmacist to discuss using the betty Baxter program. After talking to the assistant the pharmacist decided that I was too young to go the program. And on the day of my formal I weighed 94kgs. For the next year and a half I was unemployed and severely depressed due to family circumstances. My weight went up to 113kgs and is when I went on the tablet for the first time with no one but my partner to support me. After a week with no symptoms *I started to get insomnia and after two and a half weeks of being on it my partner asked me to stop. I had become extremely emotionally quickly going from being angry at everyone to being uncontrollably sad. I would stay awake at night until 5 or 6 Am in the morning and sleep for around a hour go to gym throughout the day doing body pump almost falling asleep through it. Then I would sleep for two hours in the afternoon and stay awake and repeat it all over again for a week. After a year I gained full time work and started taking antidepressants. I was also diagnosed with pcos polycystic ovary syndrome. Which helped explain my rapid weight gain. My weight went up to 120kgs and i started seeing a personal trainer three times a week. After four months and $180 I gave up on the trainer once gaining three more kilos.*

    I started taking duromine 30mg on the 24th of sept 2011 again as my weight reached 127kgs. I also was warned if I didn't lose weight soon there was I high chance I would not be able to have children. I am in a better mind set now and I have my full time job to keep me busy. I am also doing Tony ferguson at the same time. And in the first week I lost 3.6kgs. Last thursday I was admitted to hospital due to chest pains and shortness of breath. After many tests I was released the next day with Pleuritic chest pain being the diagnosis but no reason as to why. They said none of the medication I was taking could of affected it.*

    In the first week the symptom I had was dry mouth which I find the best thing to help with that is chewing gum and lots of water.*
    Last night was the first night I had insomnia. I got around two hours of sleep this morning. I did have a three hour sleep Sunday yesterday afternoon. Which makes me wonder If that threw off my sleeping pattern. So even though I was dying to sleep this afternoon I fought through it. I have set my alarm to 5am to take the tablet in the morning fingers crossed for a good night sleep tonight and tomorrow night as I love my sleep and hate the feeling of insomnia.*

    Good luck everyone*
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