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Nov 18, 2013
so I'm 25 i have a 3.5 yr old son, i work and study from home:) and weigh 135kg, I've lost 6 kgs on my own but it seems like no amount of excersise or clean eating is making any difference! The scales just wont budge. My doctor has mentioned duromine a couple of times and I always turned it down, I was determined to "do it on my own" well finally reality hit me and I have come to accept that I may need some help to kick start it. Today is day 1 and she put me on 30mg :) any tips on how to maximise weightloss and minimise side effects?


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Nov 21, 2009
Hi, Rikki-lee!
Welcome and don't worry, this pill should change the situation. To maximize your weight loss you should eat at least 4-5 times a day (small meals+water), exercise and weigh yourself once a month. Take the pill as early in the morning as you can. Change your eating habits - make up a new diet menu and be ready to stick to it for good. It's harder than it sounds. But otherwise nothing helps. Lots of ladies here shared their experiences, including their ups and downs. Don't cheat on yourself, because it's you who wants to lose weight. Be strong and don't let all the junk food come back into your life!
To minimize the side effects, like I've said - take the pill early in the morning (to minimize sleeplessness), drink a lot of liquids (water, juices, green tea), no alcohol, walking in the fresh air, add fiber in the menu. Monitor your state to see what affects your body, remove fried food from the menu to avoid constipation.
That's it for know. I hope it helps and you will feel alright throughout the treatment course. Good luck!
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