Is Your Skin Bouncing Back?


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Jul 29, 2014
Milperra NSW
If you have followed my original post "a little bit about me" you'll know that at age 19 I lost about 20kgs all up. I had no issue with sagging skin and in all honesty had a banging body (why oh why did I let myself go and so far!!)

My concern now is with double the weight to lose, being older (now 23) and having stretch marks in places I never had them last time that my skin won't bounce back like it did before.

I've lost 6 kgs to date so not enough to be any noticeable difference to myself.

How is your skin bouncing back?
*how much do you have to loose/how much have you lost?
*have you lost a considerable amount of weight in the past and losing it again?
*do you have stretch marks?

Tell me your experiences, I want to be realistic in what I can expect when I get back to my goal weight that I once was a few years back. Will I be able to rock that bikini or should I I accept that it may be tankini time?! I know obviously no one will be able to tell me the answer to that question but perhaps I can hold out hope.
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Miss T

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Jul 17, 2014
Durban, South Africa
hello there... Well when i found out i was pregnant i was at 57kg, they day i had my son i weighed 87kg. I had picked up a full 30 kg.I breastfed for 7 months so didnt start any diet or anything until then. I lost alot of weight over a long period of time. Then started picking up again slowly. and ended up at 76kg. Been stuck there for about 4 years now. I do feel like i am loosing, just very slowly. My doc explained that my loose feeling skin would tighten with exercise as i am loosing. and although i have lost weight i havent changed that much in centimetres due to the loose skin. So by really pushing the exercise i will start to see a bigger difference. Good luck
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