Is There A Limit On Duromine Use?


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Aug 3, 2014
hi jus wondering is there a time limit for being on Duromine? Last month my reg doc was on hols so I seen a "young" doc who was in on training, and she wasn't to happy with me being on it since August, which is only 4 prescriptions, one of the 15mg "didn't work" and 3 of the 30mg working mighty! When I seen me reg doc yday she done the usual weigh in blood pressure etc etc and said seeing as 30mg was still working that we would stick with that! Hasn't said anything about stopping! But I've still a bit to loose yet!

Aug 2014 starting weight 87.5
October 2014 weight 77.9
November 2014 73kg
Goal weight 63 kg
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Nov 21, 2009
Hi, Biddy
Usually Duromine is used no more than three months in a row (healthy way) and then a break. A month or so.
But most people want to continue because they have not lost the desired amount of weight, that is clear.
I did have breaks and my total weight loss journey took me almost two years. I still keep dieting but without the pills and it's all fine.
You should have developed "healthy" eating habits during the time you used the pills, so that now you could stick to a diet and exercises without them for awhile. IMHO
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