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Jul 5, 2014
Hi. I've only just started using duromine for weight loss. Started on 30mg, now on 40mg. I'm a bit disappointed that my appetite is still pretty much the same and don't know if it's worth continuing with them being so expensive. I just wanted to ask; Ages ago, a truckie told me that one of their 'secrets' to keep alert on their long hauls was to take a 40mg duromine, split open the capsules, blow away the white powder (apparently this is put in them to reduce the 'speed' effect) and then only take the brown granules. He swore by it and said that's what truckies use all the time. Has anyone ever heard of this or uses duromine this way? I'm hoping to increase the appetite suppressant side of things mostly and just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks for reading


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Jun 10, 2014
Pakenham, Victoria, Australia
I would not take them any way other than the way they are recommended. Tampering with medicines can be very dangerous.

I would go back to your doctor and have a chat. There may be other reasons your medication is not having the desired effect.

I find that I can still eat but because I have mentally decided to change my lifestyle the D makes it much easier to keep on track. Almost like it has given me focus and will power. Makes it easier to stop at just one cookie rather than demolishing the whole packet.

Expensive? All relative, I suppose. Around $25 a week. I would say that is quite inexpensive. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Dieticians, etc, all will cost money and I recon I am saving more than $25 a week in food I am no longer eating.


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Nov 21, 2009
I agree. You should never take medications other than that prescribed by your doctor or indicated in the instructions. Especially the capsules. Capsules are made specifically in this form to provide an extended release of the active substance, meaning it should be dissolved deeper in your body. If you open a capsule and take the powder, it may severely damage your stomach, because you don't know how the substance will act on your stomach mucosa. Why do you think so many pills are prescribed with/after meals?

Besides, Duromine is an extended-release capsule, so it should act throughout a day, but if you take it your way - the effect won't be achieved. Think of it and better not listen to those that ain't doctors. Your body is not a toy, be careful. I suppose, you don't have that appetite suppressant effect due to other reasons. Maybe you take the pills everyday at different time, maybe your body is not get used to it, maybe you don't drink enough water, who knows... But you should tell your doc about this.
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Jun 11, 2014
East Rand, South Africa
Have you ever had your blood sugar checked?
I did my test before I started Duromine - and it turns out I'm type 2 diabetic. Carbs are a huge problem for me - and eating carbs make me crave more carbs, within a few hours after a meal. I'm following a low carb diet now and I am very surprised by how much less I am eating (without feeling like I'm deprived).
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Nov 21, 2013
Please do not do that Nat, it sounds extremely dangerous! Phentermine which is the main ingredient in Duromine is also used to manufacture illegal drugs, which is why there are some strict rules about it, and if you tamper with it as the truckkies seem to do you may end up a junkie, and you do not want that!!