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    Goodmorning All,

    I am a 40y/o female, 1.72m tall and weighing approx 84kg.

    Due to chronic back pain and a strong pain relief daily for the past year, I have managed to 'stack it on'.

    I started Duromine 30mg about a month ago, but it hasn't really done anything (have taken it previously with great success). I just linger between 81-84kg. So based on that, my GP started me on Duromine 40mg as of today and also gave me a referral to see a Dietician.

    As of today I will also start Personal Trainer sessions to strengthen/straighten my back and improve overall wellbeing. The PT session will be daily as per my Nuerosurgeon's orders, so surely between this and the Duromine I should have some positive results by the end of August. Fingers crossed :)

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