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    Hello Everybody!!
    My name is Angelica, I'm 31 years old. I am a Colombian living in Australia, married 5 years ago, and no kids yet
    ... I started duromine 3 days ago.. after giving t a lot of thinking. I need to lose just 10 kilos but during the last few years I've tried lots of things without any results.. one day I decided to start searching for something different and I discovered Duromine; after reading a lot on the internet I decided to go to my GP to ask him about Duromine. After a few tests (BMI, blood pressure and so on) he decided to give me a months prescription of the 30mg.

    I just started and I've already lost 1.5Kg in just 3 days! I'm really happy but still have a lot of questions (that I'll be posting, hopefully, in the right place)...

    That's my story, really briefly.. I know I will get a lot of help from this forum... and I will try to keep you all posted during my whole experience.
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    Hi Everyone & Angelica!

    Im also 31 and am day one on Duromine. I live in t Australia in a beautiful part of the world. I have two little boys. Have worked non stop in the corporate industry and have studied all my life. I was one of those so called " superwomen" who travelled, studied, work full time, mum to two soccer kids, cooked cleaned, worked out everyday, kept the husband happy....I had a nice little facade going on!! I was super thin and super fit... Until the cracks started to show and I burnt out about two years ago! Following a divorce and then subsequent superwomen break down I was prescribed anti depressents about 12 months ago. These worked a treat however I stopped caring about working out, what I ate (even though I am a vegetarian) and what I did basically.

    Its all been a bit of an life style over haul and I have finally quit my job, moved out to my partners farm (yep happily in love again) and am taking 6 months to take proper care of myself and spend time with my little ones before they are in full time school. My kids dont know whats hit them "no day care!".

    Long story short I put on about 10kg due to the effects of the anti-depressants. I weight 71kg and am 175cm in height. Before the anitis I was a size 8-10..and wieghed about 62kg. Which for me (Im quite broad with big old boobs) was a good size. I realise that Im not obsese and only slightly overweight and I did need to figure out which Dr would be willing to give me a prescription.

    My aim is to loose about 9-10kg. My sister who needed to loose 30kg has been on Duromine for about 2.5 months and has lost 20kg without excercise! She would kill me if she knew I was on them but I really need the energy kick. My anti's make me tired and lazy and I basically dont give a hoot weather I sleep all day or drink a bottle of vino a night!

    Suprisingly the Dr I went to wrote a two month script (with repeats!) for 30mg a day within 5 minutes of me being in the app. !

    I think it may be in my head but Im already feeling a bit of a zing - the house is completely cleaned, dusted, vacummed, I have paid all the bills, done two loads of washing and am heading out for a treck before lunch.

    Keep you posted.

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