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    The more you understand about your weight and its relation to your health, the more your doctor can help you.Remember, your doctor is there to help.

    We know how you feel. Talking about your weight isn’t always an easy thing to do. Even to a doctor. But there’s no reason to feel uncomfortable. When it comes to your weight and your health, your doctor is there to advise you that losing excess weight should be an important priority. So talk to your doctor. Together you can find ways to manage your weight successfully.

    Your doctor can tell you about BMI and what it means.

    Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a measure of weight that takes height into account. Find your BMI on the chart to the right. Your weight may increase your risk of developing health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.

    Good news. Just a modest weight loss each month can make a real difference.

    As your doctor will tell you, losing even a small amount of excess body weight can help reduce your risk of developing other health problems. So take small steps. Consistency is everything. Each step can make a big difference over time.

    There’s hope. Because there are weight loss medications available to help you.

    Your doctor can recommend a number of different medications to help you manage your weight. They work in different ways, produce different kinds of results, and have different sets of side effects. Appetite suppressants act on your central nervous system. Fat blockers work in your digestive system to prevent fat from being absorbed into your body. Talk to your doctor to find out what may be best suited to your weight management needs.

    Take the next step. Make an appointment today to talk to your doctor.
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    Thank you Kate, I lost 2 pounds in last 20 days. I go for walk for 1 hour in the evening
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