How to put a ticker in your signature


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Jun 10, 2014
Pakenham, Victoria, Australia
A couple of people have asked how to put a ticker like my scales in their post.
I will try to explain here...
To add a ticker you first need to make one at one of the ticker websites is one.
The one I have is from a website that is not a ticker generator as such.
It is I used it to make the pics in my avatar.
You go to the site, register, make yourself an avatar while you are there, go to the ticker page, put in your details, SW, CW, GW and it will generate a ticker.
Right click on the generated ticker and open it in a new page or tab, you will have just the ticker on a web page, copy the URL (web address)
Now to put it in your signature:
Hover your mouse on the top right of this page where it says your forum name, a drop down box will appear, click on signature. Write what you want for a signature then click on the little icon that looks like a picture and it will prompt you for a URL, paste the URL you copied before, save and there you have it.
There is probably an easier way, but that is how I did it. To change it I just repeat the above steps.